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Vape Liquid Flavor Wonderland – Finding Your Escape From Tobacco

Strawberry pound cake - vape chemist

Okay, you're a new vaper? We get it – the one thing you think you need to break free from your tobacco addiction is an e-liquid that tastes "just like my favorite (insert cigarette brand/style here)."

We all struggled with the taste aspect at first, trust me. But the simple truth of the matter is, no matter how hard you try, you're not going to capture the essence of smoldering tobacco, paper, and thousands of chemical additives using simple liquid base and flavor extracts. Furthermore, most who've tried have quickly abandoned the process in the pursuit of creating something far superior.

If you insist on trying for a tobacco flavor profile, one many new users land on is the tried-and-true RY4 – virtually every liquid manufacturer that offers tobaccos has an RY4 blend in their stable. These flavors vary from containing a strong tobacco undertone to one barely recognizable, combined with differing degrees of vanilla and caramel. Be prepared – it's more of a dessert flavor than a burnt, smoky taste, but it'll open your eyes as to what else is out there.

Most vapers will find themselves falling into one of two camps: fruity/candy vapers, and dessert/bakery vapers. From there, you'll find all sorts of subcategories of flavor to try, including some that bridge the gap in ways. Still, the vast majority of vapers will find themselves in one category or another, sometimes switching things up to keep their flavors fresh.

Remember, there's no right or wrong way to vape – if you've got an idea which direction you might want to go (or even if you don't), read some of the juice reviews here and pick a few appealing flavors. You might want to try a couple fruits and a couple bakery flavors if you're not sure – regardless you're likely to be pleased with your end result.

The key is to remember that vaping is NOT smoking – the sooner you're able to separate the two the smoother your transition away from tobacco and toward what we believe is both a better and ultimately more fulfilling alternative will be.