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Now That You're a Non-Smoker (a Breazy listicle)

Here in the vape world, we're in no place to criticize smokers – most of us smoked cigarettes for years before finally kicking the habit. That, however, isn't really going to stop us from letting you in on a few things you'll soon discover if you're still in the process of (or considering) making the switch.

  1. Those people who make a big deal of you smelling like smoke, even if you were outside, in the wind, put your butt out a half-hour ago, washed your hands, and reapplied perfume or cologne – they don't have some kind of tracking dog super nose. They're the only people around you who aren't polite enough to avoid complaining.
  2. Food tastes great! You'll be amazed at how much your taste buds develop and evolve in the weeks and months after you quit smoking, and you'll understand why non-vaping quitters put on a few pounds going through the transition to a tobacco-free lifestyle. Might we suggest exploring vape juice modeled after your favorite cheat foods to help combat this?
  3. Get ready to do some cleaning. Your sense of smell is the first you'll get back – maybe it's been gone so long you didn't even realize it. This is great, you'll literally be tempted to stop and smell the roses (or the fresh-cut grass, or anything else) in a way you may not even remember. But your clothes? They'll need a half-dozen trips through the wash, and if you smoked in your home or your car you'll soon be inspired to do some heavy-duty deodorizing.
  4. Healthier habits lead to . . . healthier habits! Maybe you're already hitting the gym or going for a run on a regular basis. But let's be honest, most of us who smoked regularly probably weren't. If you've been smoking for any period of time, get ready for a pleasant surprise the first time you've got to climb a few flights of stairs after being tobacco-free for a few months. You might even be inclined to work a little more exercise into your life – go for it!
  5. Come in out of the cold (or hot) – while vaping in enclosed spaces like a car may leave some residue (not nearly as much as actual smoke, mind you), the vapor and odor quickly dissipates, unlike that of smoldering tobacco, paper, and chemical additives. For this reason, even many ardent "outdoor smokers" have found they can vape at home without needing to brave the elements like snow or rain to step outside for a quick puff. Please, though, be respectful of public and/or private spaces where your vaping isn't welcome.
  6. Break free. While you may be used to cravings or anxious feelings when you haven't had your tobacco fix in a while, most vapers find that their use of nicotine (the chemical behind many, but not all, of those cravings) tapers off with time, often dramatically. If you cut your nicotine intake gradually over time using vaping, you'll eventually reach a point when you can go hours, or even days without feeling like you're missing out on anything by putting down your vape.

It bears noting that everyone's experience will differ, and there are more upsides to vaping than we're able to cover with this brief list, but hopefully this guide serves as an inspiration point for at least one more person to give vaping a try.