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18650 Battery Capacity Chart

18650 Battery Capacity Chart

A 18650 battery is a
lithium-ion battery that measures 18mm by 65 mm. In comparison to an AA battery, it is slightly bigger. They offer users the best performance when compared to other consumer-grade rechargeable batteries.

Capacity Chart: 18650 Battery

They are not susceptible to damage due to charging before becoming discharged. This 18650 battery capacity chart will list some of the best options you'll find on the market. 

What Are the Best 18650 Batteries for Vape?

There is a wide variety of 18650 batteries with different capacities. Here are the ones that we recommend you to use for your everyday vaping needs. 

Lithicore IMR 18650 LiMn 3500mAh Battery

Lithicore IMR 18650 LiMn 3500mAh Battery

This high capacity 18650 battery comes in a single pack. It is designed to be high-performing and long-lasting. 


The cell comes in two versions. One has a rating of 3000mAh, 3.7V, and produces a current of 20A. The other version has 3500mAh, a 3.7V rating, and produces 10A of continuous current. These batteries are compatible with a variety of hardware products, and it comes with a plastic case. Both options feature a plastic safety case, and they are built with materials that prevent leaking. 

Lithicore IMR 18650 LiMn battery is also designed to prevent any leakage. What's more? It provides a more dependable, efficient, and consistent use. You will at no single point complain about the lasting hours or quality of these 18650 batteries for vape devices.


  • - Has a large battery capacity
  • - It is rechargeable
  • - They are durable and long-lasting


  • - It's pricey but worth every penny

VTC 5 18650 Battery (2 Pack) - Sony

Sony’s VTC 5 18650 Battery

If you are looking for a high quality and high-performing battery pack, our 18650 battery capacity chart recommends the VTC 5 18650 battery (2 pack). 


The battery cell has a max continuous discharging current of 30A, a capacity of 2600mAh, and dimensions of 65.0mm x 18.2mm. It is designed with a flat top and weighs 44.3g. 

Additionally, it is portable and has a voltage capacity of 3.6V. You no longer have to worry about recharging your vape batteries after every single hour. Once the batteries are charged to full capacity, you can enjoy your vaping experience without any inconveniences. 

VTC 5 18650 battery pack is known to be of high quality and will not at any instance destroy your device. The bottom line is: You should go for the VTC 5 18650 batteries if you want quality and trusted services. 


  • - Has a high full voltage capacity
  • - It is lightweight
  • - It is low maintenance
  • - It has a high battery capacity


  • - It's sensitive to high temperatures

Nitecore Quick Charger - Nitecore

Hohm Tech Hohm Work 18650 Battery

This is the best 18650 battery for every vape fan who desires to work with mods that have a high battery capacity and perform. It comes with high-quality features that will impress any vaper. 


The Hohm Tech Hohm Work 18650 batteries have a compact size that makes them easy to carry. Most importantly, they are compatible with several vaping mods. 

With a nominal capacity of 2547mAh and a nominal voltage of 3.6V, they have an extended period of working hours before you start thinking about recharging them. The Hohm Tech Hohm work 18650 battery comes in a pack of two. Whenever one battery gets exhausted, you can replace it with an extra battery. These pairs of 18650 batteries are effective and can provide you with long vaping hours. 


  • - It is rechargeable
  • - It comes with an extra battery
  • - It is durable
  • - It is efficient


  • - It is expensive

Efest LUC 1 Bay Mini Charger

What Is the Meaning of the Numbers on 18650 Batteries?

The first two numbers show the diameter of the battery, while the last three numbers indicate the battery's height; the unit is in mm. 

What Is the Maximum Capacity of 18650 Batteries?

The milliamp level of these batteries ranges between 2300 and a maximum of 3600 mAh. A higher milliamp level means longer run time and a higher capacity. 


To sum up this 18650 battery capacity chart, we believe that you are now aware of the benefits of using these batteries for your vape device. 

Gone are the days where you vape while keeping an eye on the battery percentage. If you are looking for the best 18650 battery, why not visit Breazy.com. We have high-quality 18650 batteries that will suit your vaping needs.