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Liquid Nicotine: What Is E-Liquid?

Liquid Nicotine: What Is E-Liquid?



Liquid Nicotine: What Is E-Liquid?

E-liquid, e-juice, vape juice; the liquid that’s evaporated in your vape tank or dripper goes by many different names which can add to the confusion surrounding vaping. E liquid is flavor and nicotine that your device heats up and turns into clouds of vapor. Generally, e-liquid contains a few main ingredients that we will go into more detail about: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and liquid nicotine. A mixture of PG, VG and water added makes up the base of the e liquid. Many refer to the ratio of PG to VG as the “base” of eliquid.


Propylene Glycol:

Propylene glycol (PG) is an ingredient added to the liquid that is used to carry the liquid’s flavors. A higher proportion of PG in a liquid can mean a more pronounced flavor, as PG generally carries flavor better than VG. In addition to this, liquids with a higher PG/VG ratio tend to have more “throat hit,” mimicking the feeling of smoking a cigarette in some cases. For this reason, higher PG liquids are very popular with ex. smokers. But beware- some vapers have an allergic reaction to PG, so please take it slow initially with higher PG liquids!

Vegetable Glycerin:

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is propylene glycol’s main counterpart in the e liquid base. VG is a liquid that contributes to the thick, dense clouds that many vapers enjoy. Liquids with a higher percentage of VG often have less of a throat hit and produce larger clouds, though have less bold flavors than higher PG liquids. Vegetable glycerin isn’t only there for the clouds, however. Many liquid manufacturers utilize vegetable glycerin’s inherent sweetness as a flavor additive for the liquid.


E-liquid manufacturers utilize the wide range of flavors at their disposal. Donuts, candies, creams, custards, tobaccos, fruits, and more. A great liquid makes careful use of these unique flavorings and flavor combinations. As mentioned before, it is not just the flavorings that affect the flavor of the liquid. The ratios of the PG/VG base also have an affect on the way each liquid tastes.

The flavors added to e-liquid are usually carried in a PG base since PG carries flavor well. This is why you will see many liquids advertised as “Max VG,” because with the water, nicotine, and flavoring added, liquids are diluted from being 100% VG. There is a tremendous variety of flavors, and on Breazy you will find that these premium liquids combine different flavorings to create complex, delicious flavors.

Liquid Nicotine:

Nicotine is sometimes falsely regarded as being necessary or inherent in e-liquid. In fact, nicotine is not present in all liquids, and manufacturers produce liquids that range from 0 mg/ml of nicotine all the way to 36 mg/ml. Instead of writing out “mg/ml,” vapors and liquid manufacturers commonly abbreviate that down to just “mg.” This wide range of nicotine concentrations means that every vaper can find a liquid that is comfortable for them, and for those trying to wean off their nicotine usage, there are many options available as they scale down. Some find that a high nicotine content can add to the throat hit or negatively affect the flavor. We suggest starting low, at say 3mg or 1.5mg, as a way to feel out your tolerance level.