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What Is Vaping?

What Is Vaping?

what is a vaping


We get this question all the time.  I know you’ve seen it- people walking around puffing on metal sticks, and then exhaling large white clouds. So what is vaping?  Vaping is the future of nicotine consumption, a superior way to ingest and enjoy nicotine.

Vaping is the act of using a “vape pen,” or other vaporizing device, to vaporize a liquid into an inhalable form.  The most common use is for ex- smokers who vaporize nicotine based “e liquids” that deliver nicotine into the system… without the smoke!  So no tar, no yellow teeth, and no fires.  

Why are people vaping?

That’s easy- it can be argued that it’s healthier than smoking, it’s cheaper, there are more flavors, and it doesn’t stain your teeth or make your clothes smell like smoke.   

There is no smoke, and so no tar.  Traditional cigarettes contain over 7,000 chemicals, while the vaping e liquid contains a propylene or vegetable glycol base, nicotine, and flavoring.  With traditional smoking the smoke and tar get in your clothes, in your hair, and stain your teeth.  

Vaping can be half the cost of smoking.  The average American smoker spends over $2,000k a year on cigarettes while the average vaper spends a little over $1,000k.

Vapers enjoy a multitude of e liquid flavors.  Instead of having to choose from the two flavors peddled by traditional cigarette companies- menthol and tobacco- there are over 2,000k different e liquid manufacturers in the US, and each produces anywhere from a handful to 20+ flavors.  Some of the most popular flavors include classics such as donuts to and breakfast cereals.  The flavor combinations are endless!

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen consists of three parts- a battery, a tank, and a tip.  The battery heats up the liquid in the tank into to become a vapor, and you then inhale the vapor through the tip.  It’s that simple.  Most vape pens are rechargeable.

What’s in the eliquid?

The liquid you put in your vape tank can go by many names: e liquid, e juice, vape juice. This e liquid is nicotine, flavoring, and a mix of propylene glycol (PG)/ vegetable glycerin (VG).  People usually refer to the ratio of PG to VG as the “base” of liquid.

Propylene glycol (PG) is an ingredient added to the liquid that is used to carry the liquid’s flavors.  But please be aware- some vapers have an allergic reaction to PG, so please take it slow initially with higher PG liquids!

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is the other main ingredient in the e liquid base.  Higher percentage VG e liquids often produce larger clouds, and have less of a throat hit…  though often produce less bold flavors than high PG liquids.