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E-Smoking? Vaping is NOT Smoking

E-Smoking? Vaping is NOT Smoking

E-Smoking? Vaping is NOT Smoking

Haley Alvarez


There are plenty of vape-haters out there, and it’s time that they heard the facts. Almost all of the misconceptions about vaping are because most people associate it with smoking tobacco. They see the giant clouds of smoke and immediately suspect that vapers aren’t thinking about the risks of secondhand inhalation. But before you judge vapers, get the facts first: 

1. E-cigarettes do NOT contain tobacco

Or any of the incredibly harmful chemicals in cigarettes.The e-liquid used in vaping is a combination of vegetable glycerin, Propylene glycol, and food-grade flavoring. There is no tobacco in e-cigarettes. I repeat: NO tobacco. As well as tar and many of the deadly carcinogens. Vape is also odorless, so there is no lingering smell on clothes, hair, fingers, breath, and literally everything else for a smoker. That also reduces the risk of mouth diseases and complications that are a serious risk to smokers.  

2. Secondhand vapor is NOT the same as tobacco smoke

Countless research and studies have been conducted to determine whether exhaled vapor is more, less, or equally as harmful as exhaled cigarette smoke. According to an expert study published by Public Health England, exhaled vapor is 95% less toxic, harmful, and less polluting than tobacco smoke. It would be foolish to claim that secondhand vapor is completely harmless, but the evidence supporting that it is significantly less harmful than tobacco smoke is overwhelming. 

3. Vaping is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE methods to quit smoking tobacco

Vaping in replacement of smoking cigarettes is one of the most effective, proven tactics in helping smokers quit smoking tobacco. Studies claim that the sensation of the vapor being inhaled and exhaled out of the lungs is why most smokers are able to stick with the switch. It also improves ex-smokers lung health and capacity, their heart health, and eliminates the countless other ailments associated with tobacco cigarettes. Research conducted in the U.K. claims that smokers are 60% more likely to quit tobacco by vaping compared to traditional methods like matches and nicotine gum.        

So for all of the vape-haters out there, there’s something you should know. Kicking a tobacco smoking habit is hard. Like any drug addiction, quitting cold turkey with no alternative or support is extremely difficult - almost impossible. So next time you walk past someone vaping, keep in mind: that person is making the healthy choice to keep cigarette smoke out of their lungs- and yours.