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We are no longer shipping via USPS due to the

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Regulated Box Mods – The Basics

Regulated Box Mods – The Basics



Let's preface this installment with a word of caution: every mod is different. Some have fixed batteries, others use replaceable cells. Temperature control is a popular feature, but not every updated mod has this feature. Many have unique features like puff counters, "flavor control," draw timers, power boosts for quick coil ramp-up, etc. But knowing the box mod basics will allow you to navigate just about any available mod on the market. This guide should make it quick and easy to use just about any box mod brand or style and get down to vaping.


Three buttons: the majority of functions on box mods are accessed using three buttons: the "fire" button (usually a bit larger than the others) and the "+" and "–" buttons. The fire button is used for the most basic function: to inhale the vapor. The fire button is depressed and held while you're using the device. When the unit isn't engaged, the +/- buttons turn the power up and down.


LCD screen: the screen is most commonly found next to the buttons, but the placement can vary from mod to mod. Screens range from basic technology to fairly advanced, and they display vape power, resistance of the coil on the topper you've installed, and an approximate battery percentage. Some, like the new Sigelei 200, do so more artfully than others.





On/off: "five clicks" has become the most universal means of turning a device on or off, which indicates pressing the fire button five times rapidly to power your mod on. Once the device goes through a "wake up" process, usually indicated by a flashing manufacturer logo on the display screen, you're ready to vape. Click five times again and look for a "power off" note or test your mod to make sure it's no longer responding to the fire button before putting it in your pocket or purse.


Power adjustment: if your mod is equipped with different ways to change the power level, which could include variable voltage, variable wattage, or temperature control, check your owner's manual for the specifics on how to toggle between functions. Once you're in the appropriate function for your topper's coil, the +/- buttons increase or decrease the amount of power (and heat) sent to your coil. If you're using a pre-built coil, start at a lower power level recommended in the owner's manual. If you're not happy with the flavor or vapor production after a few draws, gradually increase the power level between draws; rapid increase could cause your wick to burn.


510/eGo threads – In most mods, a small set of female threading held in place by a metal pin is known as the "firing pin" and the "510 connection."




The "firing pin" is what makes contact with the pin at the bottom of the atomizer at the top of the device, and sends an electric current to the coil to produce heat. Older models may have an indent for a standard screwdriver to adjust the height of the pin, but most mods created after 2015 feature a "floating 510 pin" that requires no manual adjustment.



Battery compartment – unless your mod is equipped with a proprietary battery system like the , or an internal battery like the MVP series, you most likely have a magnetically-attached metal plate covering a space for one or two 18650 series batteries. (Check out our earlier posts for important safety issues to consider when selecting a battery.) Some mods will also have spaces for screws to tighten the battery door; the magnets are often strong enough to avoid using the screws, especially if you're not using an on-board charging system, but it comes down to a personal preference. Make sure you're inserting the batteries correctly, and if possible in dual-battery devices, flip the sled batteries every other charge for maximum battery life.


Just to reiterate, there are a multitude of mods on the market, with more exciting options available online every week. Take the time to read the owner's manual for your specific device, and ensure that you're vaping safely.