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The Rise of Max VG

The Rise of Max VG


The Rise of Max VG


We've talked in previous posts about PG and VG, the two base ingredients in e-liquid, and about some of the negative reactions that vapers may experience with either ingredient; more vapers have reported sensitivity or allergic reactions to PG-based e liquids than VG-based e liquids.

You may notice that many liquid makers are rapidly trending more toward "max-VG" based e liquids. Let's discuss the benefits, and why this is becoming a popular fad:

First off: the clouds! Any serious cloud chaser knows that more VG content present in their e-liquid allows for heavy cloud production, with bigger and denser clouds.  

Then there's the flavor – many believe that PG is necessary to the process of holding the flavor in your liquid, and it's true that the vast majority of flavor bases are delivered to manufacturers in PG. However, more vapers are finding that flavor carries just as well in VG, as long as it's well-mixed, which is a crucial factor for master vapers. Many people even find that they prefer the extra sweetness that VG provides.

A smooth operator – VG-heavy liquids carry significantly less "throat hit" than those containing a large amount of PG. While recent converts from smoking to vaping may like the harsh inhale as it helps mimic the feel of smoke, many users over time tend to drift from "mouth-to-lung" inhaling to "direct lung" inhales. For vapers who enjoy high-powered experiences, (when PG ruled the land, 15 watts was a heck of a kick!) too much throat hit makes for an uncomfortable vape!

In the past, High-VG liquids were only used on dripping atomizers – the thick liquid would clog up and dry out in the small wicks of older tanks like the Nautilus or Protank. While those devices are still able to house a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 or higher, newer tanks like the Uwell Crown or the Smok TFV4 (the two hottest clearomizers on the market as of this writing) have fared well with as much VG as you can throw at them.

Most liquids we offer in "max-VG" should give you great clouds and a smooth, sweet flavor. But these e liquids will contain some of PG – remember, most flavored liquids are still PG-based.

If you're finding that you have a strong PG sensitivity, or are otherwise trying to avoid it entirely, or you just want to go all-out in your cloud quest, you're in luck! While VG or alcohol-based flavor extracts are a rare commodity in this industry, they do exist (and be advised, the alcohol evaporates during the production process.) We've got two of the premier e juice lines that can claim a true, 100% VG-based liquidVelvet Cloud Vapor and Quack's Juice Factory. Click on the links and check them out!