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How to Combat Vaper’s Fatigue

How to Combat Vaper’s Fatigue

How to Combat Vaper’s Fatigue

Vaper’s fatigue, also referred to as “vaper’s tongue” occurs as a result of olfactory adaptation, or when your sense of taste is no longer able to distinguish between flavors. Why does this happen? For two possible reasons: smoking weakens your sense of taste, and switching to vape will overwhelm your sense of taste and smell, and could cause it to temporarily shut down. Secondly, vaping the same or e liquids with similar flavors and extracts can desensitize your sense of taste and smell and decrease the intensity of the flavors

Vaper’s fatigue is not permanent, and it can be improved using these simple tricks:   

1. Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated throughout the day is good for the body for a number of reasons, however, maintaining a healthy level of hydration is crucial for beating vaper’s fatigue. Continue to drink water throughout the day, and keep sipping on water while you vape, if possible. 

2. Drink black coffee

Black coffee resets your olfactory senses, and can essentially reverse the effects of vaper’s fatigue and restore your sense of smell and taste while you vape. Remember to drink more water if you’re drinking coffee to stay hydrated. 

3. Drink Ginger-based products

Ginger also calms the olfactory senses, and can reduce vaper’s fatigue, while also keeping you hydrated. Ginger ale, ginger tea, etc. are all beneficial when battling vaper’s fatigue.

4. Switch your e liquid

Try changing your e juice after using the same flavor for an extended period of time. Simply switching to a different bottle or brand will not always help, but changing the entire flavor extract combination will enhance your senses of smell and taste. An example would be switching from a cream-based or dessert e juice to a mint-flavored, or lemon e liquid.

5. Reduce your intake of acidic foods and beverages

Acidic foods and drinks can dull your senses, so try to cut back on drinks such as orange juice, sodas, etc. and most citrus fruits.