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Vape Maintenance - Keep Your Gear Running Strong

Vape Maintenance - Keep Your Gear Running Strong

Okay, so by now you've gone through the arduous task of researching devices, selecting a mod, tank, and some juices to try. You've experimented with wattage and airflow settings, and you're on the elusive chase for the perfect vape. Let's talk about a few things you can do to keep your gear in tip-top shape for as long as possible.


First, the most obvious oxymoron of vaping - you're introducing liquid to electronics. Electronics hate liquid! Keep an eye on your gear to make sure it's not leaking, snug up the coil in its tank base whenever you take it apart (remember, though - finger tight is tight enough on most everything vape-related), and monitor for drips.


Use a q-tip or paper towel to gently blot any excess liquid out of the 510 connection where your tank screws into your mod. A dab of rubbing alcohol, again paired with a q-tip, can be used to clean these threads every few weeks to keep your connections crisp and free of residue that can rob power delivery or create shorting in your device.


Keep your batteries topped up - the lower you discharge your batteries, the less of a charge they'll accept the next time around. This could (and might soon be) a topic unto itself, but for brevity's sake let's say it's best to avoid discharging your batteries below 3.5 volts in order to get the most out of them - if your mod has an on-board battery meter, try to change out your cells when they drop to 40-50% charge remaining.

Clean your toppers - while your mod may not like liquid, use plenty of hot water (and maybe a mild detergent) to flush out your tanks and clean the crud off your drip tips on a regular basis. Rotate your tank base (and top, if it has an adjustable airflow) under running water to flush out old vape juice residue, pat dry, and air dry overnight every few weeks.

Don't, however, use any kind of cleaner on your pre-built coils, as any bit left in the wicks could make for a foul (and potentially toxic) vaping experience later. Some users have found that soaking a spent coil in hot water, or even boiling them for a few minutes, will eke a few more days out of a dying atomizer head - if you do this make sure to let the wicking dry before adding more vape juice, and don't expect the flavor to return like it would with a fresh coil, but if you're particularly frugal yet apprehensive about learning to build your own coils this could help stretch your budget a little farther.