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It's Time To Upgrade Your Vape Setup

It's Time To Upgrade Your Vape Setup




Congratulations! You've found the wonderful world of vaping, whether it's been a part of your journey to abandon tobacco or simply become an enjoyable hobby, you've been at this whole "vape" thing a while and you're pretty sure you're ready to stick with it for the long haul. But is your device?

If you started on an eGo-type or "pen style" device, you'll almost certainly be looking at a mod at some point if you decide to keep vaping. Those stick batteries aren't meant to last forever, and after a couple hundred charge cycles you'll likely find that they don't hold a charge as well and perhaps don't even perform as strong as you'd hope fresh.

The same goes for low-powered, fixed-battery mods – once the internal battery is done, so is your mod. Many experienced vapers still like fixed-battery mods for a handful of reasons – they're small, convenient to carry around, and can be charged up with a micro-USB port in a pinch. But most don't rely on them as an all day, every day mod forever.

If you want to get into heavy-hitting tanks or RDAs that can handle 50 to 100 watts or more, you'll probably end up looking to a box mod with two (or even three!) 18650 batteries. These box mods let you crank up the power to explore the complexities your vape juice takes on as you apply greater heat or develop thicker clouds, all while carrying enough power to keep doing it all day on the same charge.

An added bonus is that you can have a set of spare batteries to pop in if you ever do run low, which keeps you from being tethered to a charger. Once they die after about 200-300 charge cycles, longer if they're well cared for, you can replace them for a fraction of the cost of a new vape mod. Of course, if you end up adding a few mods to your collection (most of us just can't help it, after all), you can swap batteries between the mods, which saves even more money in the long run. Keep in mind our advice about keeping your batteries in married sets, however, if you're using multi-cell box mods.

Once you've decided you're ready to step up your game, shop with an eye toward the future – even if you don't need a 200-watt device or one that features temperature control now, wouldn't it be better to have that capacity for only a few dollars more in case you decide to experiment down the line rather than finding yourself locked into a mod you want to turn up but can't? Even if you don't use all the power (this article's author, even after three years, rarely tops 70 watts but uses 100+ watt devices exclusively), it's reassuring to know that you're not pushing your mod to its limit all the time and having extra battery life is always a welcome bonus.

The bottom line: 2016 is an incredible time to be a vaper, with new technology coming down the pike in rapid succession. If you're ready to get more out of your experience it's a great time to upgrade, as hot new tech surrounds us in spades while yesterday's darling is available at a bargain price today. Whatever you choose to expand your collection, it's hard to make a wrong choice.