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Steeping E-Liquid: What, Why, and How?

Steeping E-Liquid: What, Why, and How?

Steeping E-Liquid: What, Why, and How?

If you've spent any time browsing online vape forums on in local vape shops that mix their own juice on site, you've probably heard the term "steeping" used. What kind of sorcery is this, anyhow?

First, "steeping" is probably best described as "aging." Freshly-mixed e-liquids, especially those with particularly sharp fruit notes (blueberry and guava are a couple that come to mind immediately) or heavy cream tones (vanilla custard is the biggest offender on the dessert side of things), will sometimes present an "off" flavor immediately after they've been mixed.

This isn't necessarily a condemnation of the juice itself – some flavors, especially complex ones or simpler ones with sharper notes like those mentioned above, need time to fully immerse in the PG/VG base after being added in hyper-concentrated form. Even some e-liquids that taste great fresh will taste even better when they're a few weeks old.

How do you steep? The process is pretty simple – taste your e-liquids first. If you like it, vape away! If not, leave it uncapped in a dark, cool place where it's not at risk of spilling, like the top shelf of a closet – if you've got a cheap juice that tastes perfume-y or harsh, there may be some alcohol used in the flavor concentrates that needs to evaporate off. Cap the bottle and give it a good shake once a day for a couple days (this allows the flavor molecules to blend with the base, and the little bit of room in the bottle from the sample you started with makes your shaking more effective). Still no good? You probably don't need to leave the cap off, but keep the bottle sealed and stored for anywhere from another week to a month. E-liquids can last anywhere from six months to a year or more if properly stored, but the nicotine content tends to degrade with time and if you're exposing your vape juice to light or heat it can go downhill much faster.

Does all this sound like a lot of hassle? That's because it can be! Granted, if you've got a bottle you really want to believe in but just can't stand wetting your wicks with, this may be a way of saving it. But there is an easier solution…

You'll notice that all of the liquids in the Breazy line come from premium, well-respected mixers. These companies, while not offering the customization of other pseudo do-it-yourself firms that mix to order, have recipes that are tried and true and they mix in huge batches, bottling and aging their product to perfection in most instances.

While cheaper alternatives may seem appealing, we've found from extensive testing (read our review blog – we've got a whole team reporting on as many as a dozen new flavors a week!) that premium liquids are definitely worth it. To further cancel out any perceived benefits of cheaper lines, we're able to buy in bulk and offer frequent discounts to both new and loyal customers, and the power of our brand allows us to partner with so many different vendors (over 200 lines with nearly 1000 flavors at last count!) that one of them has likely had the same craving as you and spent the time to nail the flavor you're seeking – seek and you shall find.