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New To Vaping: Struggling in Transition

Some people take to vaping like the cliché fish takes to water – they snuff out a cigarette butt, walk into a vape shop, throw their pack in the trash on the way out the door with a new setup and never look back. Most of us, though, aren't so lucky. If you're serious about quitting smoking and finding you're having a hard time transitioning off of tobacco, we've got some helpful pointers.

  1. Count the ones you don't smoke, not the ones you do. Don't beat yourself up if you find yourself in the role of a "dual user," both vaping and smoking, when you start. My wife and I continued to smoke for almost a month after we found vaping, gradually scaling down from our pack-a-day habits to the point we were only burning a few heaters a day before committing to the quit. Many people find the early morning, late evening, and post-meal smokes the hardest habits to break, so focus on vaping the rest of the day before tackling these or other "trigger" events that cause you to want to smoke – by the time you get to the last ones, tobacco's hold will have surprisingly been almost broken.
  2. Remember your reasons. Whether it's not smelling like a dirty ashtray, or offending your significant other, constantly needing a "break" to go outside to smoke, or feeling guilty over exposing your children to toxic smoke, there's a reason you're trying to quit. Don't lose sight of that.
  3. Play with flavor! The hardest thing for recent converts to realize is that nothing, not even tobacco-flavored liquid, is going to taste like smoldering plant mixed with burnt paper and thousands of random chemicals. Once you get past that, there are whole new worlds waiting for you – some folks dive into fruity flavors, others like candies, others still find bliss in creamy desserts. Find a flavor profile that works for you, or just bounce around and enjoy everything your new horizon has to offer!
  4. Gear up right. There's a plethora of gear out there, from simple eGo-type pens (we're not going to go so far as to recommend cigalikes to anyone) to multi-battery box mods that offer an array of settings to customize your vape, which can be especially crucial for a beginner. We've got tons of good info here on the Breazy blogs, both in terms of expanded use instructions and reviews of the hottest gear – read up, but also take a trip to your local shop to check out some of the gear you're considering online. Note: while it's not unreasonable to expect to pay 20-30% more in-person than you would online, if your local retailer is charging prices nearly twice what you'd pay for the same product here on Breazy it's safe to say you're dealing with someone out to rip you off, which is unfortunately all too common in the still-emerging vape world.