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Tobacco Vapes – The Good, the Bad, and Why They're Just Not the Same

Tobacco Vapes – The Good, the Bad, and Why They're Just Not the Same

If you're hoping to quit smoking, chances are you've got the same thought almost all of us had at one point.

"If I could just get an e-liquid that tastes just like my Marlboro Reds/Camel Lights/Newports/whatever, I'd be able to quit no problem!"

The problem is, that's not going to happen. While flavor extracts can mimic the taste of tobacco, there's not much of a market (vaping is only a tiny portion of what flavor extracts are used for) for burning paper, formaldehyde, or smoldering-toxic-chemical flavors. All of that stuff was in your cigs, it's not in your e-juice if you're doing it right.

Many vapers eventually develop a taste for tobaccos or tobacco-note flavor blends - countless popular mixers that have been around for more than a year feature their own take on RY4, a tobacco base blended with varying notes of caramel and vanilla. But these don't, and won't take the place of actual smoldering organic and chemical matter.

Starting off with tobacco flavors, then, is a recipe for disaster – it's just too easy to get frustrated chasing a flavor that you're unlikely to find. What to do instead, then?

Aside from tobacco, the three main flavor profiles popular with vapers as of mid-2016 are fruits, candies, and bakery/dessert flavors. You may want to try a bottle that appeals to you from each category, or you may choose one direction to go in initially and select a few different flavors with similar profiles to find a juice that works for you.

Menthol ex-smokers, though, may be luckier than most – strong menthol or mint flavors with just a hint of fruit tone are popular and come much closer to mocking your old brand than unflavored smokes.

Once you set aside the "it's got to taste like smoke" demand, you'll find it's much easier to disassociate yourself from smoking or tobacco use in general, and you'll soon find yourself delighted with the change. Your tastes may even change over time – personally I vaped almost nothing but fruit for the first two years since my tobacco quit (after the first few months being perpetually disappointed by artifical tobacco flavors and picking up the old pack of stink sticks), then spent a year favoring mostly sweets and desserts before coming back around to explore fruits again. There's always been some candy in my rotation to switch things up as well, though it's never dominated my juice collection.

Like we end so many of these instructional posts, remember that there's no right or wrong way to choose a flavor profile – you'll just have to give it a try and find out what works for you. It's both the curse and the greatest joy of joining the vape world!