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Vape Tips: Storing and Dispensing E-Liquid

Strawberry Queen The King at Breazy.com

This may not seem like the most fascinating of topics – and to be honest, it's pretty simple. That said, it's still of critical importance for safety and in order to avoid wasting money by letting good juice go bad.


First, with a possible exception for liquid that's not fully mature, heat, air and light are your e-juice's primary enemies! If you've got a bottle that tastes perfumey, or like the flavors haven't fully developed, allowing the juice to "breathe" by leaving it uncapped in a cool, dark cabinet for a few days might help. Likewise, a short heat bath can thin VG-heavy liquids so that you can shake them to better blend the PG-based flavor extracts. These shouldn't be problems you're likely to experience from most of the premium lines sold at Breazy, however.


Let's assume your liquid is tasty and fresh right out of the bottle, and you want to keep it that way. Having a dedicated storage space will help – you don't have to keep your bottles in the freezer or anything unless you're not going to be seeing it for a very long time, but having a dedicated storage space somewhere cool and dark is ideal, especially if you're buying massive quantities of liquid and doling it out a bit at a time.


This space could be anywhere, but for safety's sake we prefer somewhere high off the ground and out of reach, and with a locking door whenever possible. This is particularly crucial if you have children or pets in your home – while the relatively low concentrations of nicotine in ready-to-vape juice probably won't harm you if you've used tobacco products for any significant period of time, they can certainly harm a child or pet, who might accidentally consume an excessive dose – even a small amount can sicken someone with no exposure to nicotine. If you're a 0 mg vaper with no one who might accidentally encounter your vape liquid, it's still a good idea to keep your gear and juice well-organized and in a safe place, particularly one that's protected from heat and light.


Kept properly sealed in a good storage space, e-liquid can have a shelf life of a year or longer, though nicotine does tend to degrade in potency over time. On the other hand, a bottle left near a window or in a car during the summer could deteriorate to the point of being dark, gunky, and unvapeable in as little as a day or two, particularly if it contains a high amount of artificial sweetener.


Taste the vape juice? Respect the vape juice.