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A Guide To Cigalikes

A Guide To Cigalikes

Though they're one of the most established forms of vapor device, cigalikes have found themselves once again at the forefront of innovation in the vapor industry. Small in your hand, they simulate the feel of a combustible cigarette and they can be the perfect first step to switching from cigarettes.  

Easy to operate and accommodating even the most inexperienced vapers, these small and discreet closed-system devices are available from a variety of different companies vying for your attention and purchase dollars. In this article we’ll look at why people choose cigalikes, how they work, and perhaps offer a few recommendations on our personal favorite cigalike models here at Breazy.

Why Choose Cigalikes

The first reason that most people like cigalikes is that they're similar in feel to a cigarette, fulfilling the urge that former smokers have when they want a cigarette. Quitting cigarettes is, in part, learning how to put down the cigarette, but that can also incorporate supplementing your formerly cigarette-related activities with something else.

Another reason that cigalikes are so popular is how convenient they are. Many are available at local retailers, battery charging is simple, and you don't even need to learn to work a fire button - just draw on the device like you would a cigarette, and there's not even a need for matches or a lighter.

Finally, the reason that non-vapers are inclined to try cigalikes is that there’s very little commitment to vaping. If someone likes their cigalike and wants to get deeper into the hobby, they can always pick up larger mods for more advanced vaping (or a better quality cigalike). Otherwise, if you want to remain a more casual vaper, you can just get the cigalikes whenever they feel like it.  

How They Work

Cigalikes are not complicated. They come with two parts: the battery and the cartridge. Some are even disposable one-piece units that you can use and discard. The cartridges contain flavored e-liquid made with a variety of nicotine strengths, usually higher than liquid used in advanced mods because these devices use much less in terms of volume. Inside the cartridge is a tank to store the liquid, and a resistance wire called an atomizer which heats the e-liquid, turning it into vapor.

The batteries in cigalikes are usually connected to an airflow sensor, so when you puff on the device, the battery turns on and generates vapor. Some older cigalikes have buttons to trigger the battery to turn on and heat up the resistance coil, though these have widely fallen out of favor.

Recommendation: MarkTen


We offer a large variety of cigalikes, but one of our newest arrivals is the MarkTen brand. The product itself isn't new, having first been introduced in 2014 the product line has expanded to offer a range of 10 different flavor cartridge options.

In the Breazy marketplace, we offer their Starter Kit in two of those flavors - Bold Methol and Classic Tobacco. For each flavor we offer refills, including replacement cartridges in Winter Mint. Expect more not only from the MarkTen line but other popular brands coming soon. Happy Vaping everyone!