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Becoming An Ex Smoker and Vaper: Setting an End Goal

Most of us start vaping with a simple goal in mind – we want to break the chains tobacco use has bound upon our lives. But suppose you're successful in your journey to quit smoking – now what?

For many, this is indeed the end goal. Transitioning from smoking to vaping is largely believed to be much safer than continuing to use tobacco, and while the science is far from complete, as studies become more responsible and cognizant of the way people actually use vapor devices evidence in favor of vaping continues to pile up. But you may want to go even further in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

The first consideration is reducing dependence on nicotine, the mood-altering chemical found in a diverse array of plants including potatoes and broccoli, but most potent in tobacco leaves. While the scientific debate over whether vaping is better than smoking is well on its way to resolution, the question of whether nicotine is really all that harmful when stripped of the toxic chemicals ingested during its traditional methods of delivery is still very much up for debate. We suggest you do a little research on your own here, as we're obviously not scientists.

Still, many vapers make the decision to reduce their nicotine dependency as part of a transition to an overall healthier lifestyle. We've found through our years of helping customers and experimenting ourselves that this is a tactic better approached as a journey than a quick trip.

Remember from our earlier post on the topic that as you consume more liquid when stepping up to more powerful devices, you need fewer milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid to keep your consumption constant. The benefit of higher-powered liquids, though, is a softer "step down" tier available to today's vapers.

Many liquids, in addition to being available in 0, 3, and 6 mg/ml as well as higher doses, are now offered in incremental drops, such as 1.5 mg/ml or 4 mg/ml. These allow a use whose ultimate end goal is to quit nicotine or quit vaping entirely to do so in stages, stepping down in potency every bottle or two until dependence on nicotine is lowered to the point quitting entirely is essentially burden-free.

If your favorite liquid doesn't offer these varied strength levels, fear not. You can still mix a bottle of 3 mg and 6 mg to find a middle point of 4.5 mg, or 0 and 3 to get to 1.5, etc. The bonus of using this method is that if you ever feel a strong craving that might draw you back toward seeking out a cigarette, you'll have a stronger liquid on hand to vape through your crave.

For many of us, though, it turns out that the nicotine buzz isn't what's kept us smoking all these years. Rather, it's a psychological trigger derived from the act of inhaling and exhaling a visible cloud - while this probably makes no sense to those who've never smoked, it probably hits home for a good portion of ex-smokers. We're perfectly happy to continue vaping without nicotine (or a significantly lower amount than we were once accustomed to), accepting that while we haven't entirely eliminated the risk of inhaling something that isn't pure, filtered air, we're doing a lot better than we were as smokers.

Whether you choose to use vaping as a tool to keep your cigarette cravings at bay or as a transition to a smoke-free and vapor-free lifestyle, we're here to help find the right solution for your lifestyle and are thankful to have your patronage, whether it be in transition or for the long run.