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How to Blow O's with Vape - Plus Other Tricks You Can Try!

How to Blow O's with Vape

Blowing smoke rings has been around for much longer than vaporizers. However, it's not as if blowing them is impossible after hitting your vape. You've got to act quickly, as they produce much less smoke. That said, with the right technique, you can blow rings just as well with your vaporizer as anything else. Good equipment seems to play a large role in how easy this is. Besides that, it's all up to your technique.

Blow O's with Vape + Some other Tricks

How to Blow O's with Vape

Any type of smoke trick should be thought of as playing with air. Everything you blow out of your mouth flies along the room's natural air currents. By learning how air flows, these tricks ought to be much more intuitive, making them easier to learn. To get started, look at our step-by-step guide below. Then, pick up some of the great hardware we've featured below that.

Steps to Blow an O

1. Inhale From Your Vape:

Hit your vape just like you would any other time. Taking a larger head than usual would give you a bit more smoke to work with. After taking as large of a breath as possible, it's time to move into position.

2. Pucker Your Lips:

Start by puncturing your lips as if you were about to kiss your prom date, scrunched up face and all. This should only take a few moments.

3. Roll the Tongue:

While puckering up your face, start to position your tongue, rolling it into a tunnel. Sometimes, people like to compare your tongue position to the U.

4. Exhale Similar to Coughing:

Now, when you exhale, try to imitate a cough, pushing the air out forcefully. Assuming everything else has been done correctly, you should see a smoky ring float gently out of your mouth.

5. Practice Until Perfection:

The first few times might not look the best. Nevertheless, as long as you continue practicing, they'll start to look better and better. Spending more time at practice would be the best way to improve your technique.

6. Ghost Bubbles:

Other than smoke rings, what other smoke tricks would be great to know? From our experience, none of them seem as impressive as the ghost bubble. You'll need a bubble wand in order to do this trick. Once you have one of them, use it to blow a bubble as usual. However, instead of blowing clean air, take a hit if you're vape first. Then, once you blow the bubble, it ought to be full of smoke.

7. Misty Tables:

Lower your face close to a table, lungs full of smoke. Once you are within a couple of inches, let the smoke fall from your lips gracefully. Don't push it out with any force, as that will blow everything away. The table should look like it's been covered by a small cloud if everything is done right.


Best Vapes to Blow O's

Above all, the quality of your equipment appears to impact how easy these tricks will be. Purchasing better equipment could make them much easier to learn. Anyone who has been struggling to learn how to do these tricks should consider some of the following products. These products offer some of the best performance on the market, making those tricks a piece of cake.

Orion Q Ultra AIO 40W Pod Mod Kit by Lost Vape

Orion Q Ultra AIO 40W Pod Mod Kit - Lost Vape

Orion happens to be one of our favorite manufacturers. They've been producing quality equipment for several years. Today, their latest innovations include the new ultra boost coils. These fire up a lot faster than competing products, so you don't have to wait nearly as long before each hit. Not to mention, with such a wide range of resistance levels, vaping anything isn't the problem. Even salt nic won't burn if you set this thing low enough.

Product Specifications

- 5W - 40W Output :

Would you like to feel the power, or would you rather take things slow? Either way, this vape's variable output satisfies anyone's demand.

- 0.15ohm - 3.0ohm Resistance:

Similar to its power range, this resistance range is also rather impressive.

- 1600mAh Battery:

Searching for a power outlet hasn't ever been an exciting prospect. Fortunately, this vape's got such a large battery you'll hardly ever need one.

- Ultra Boost Coils:

Each hit will taste as though it has been clarified like butter, smooth and creamy. Sure, that might sound a little extreme, but these coils heat up fast.

iJoy Captain PD270 234W Box Mod

iJoy Captain PD270 234W Box Mod

How often do you find a vape capable of 230 W or more? We've been in the industry for a long time, and we can tell you that it's rather uncommon. So, anyone who would like the most powerful vape on the market should take a look at these. Such a high power output would have been insane only a few years ago. Now, you can create your own power profile to tailor each hit, all the way up to 230 W.

Product Specifications

- Custom Power Curve Profile:

Hitting the vape more than once tends to heat it up. Without taking a break, it might overheat and burn your juice. Fortunately, these have an option that circumvents that entirely, by contouring your power profile. Set this up, and it'll take care of the rest.

- Dual Battery Operation:

More than one battery supplies more power than a single one. It's as simple as it sounds, but not everyone thinks about it. Fortunately, if you happen to pick one of these up, both batteries work in your favor.

- 0.05-3.00ohms:

Vaporize anything you'd like, since this vape's resistance level varies so widely. Even low-resistance juices shouldn't cause any issues.

- 1-240W Output:

Pull power from both batteries to reach a high of 230W. Or, keep things a little lower so that you don't burn your coils.

Vaporesso Swag 2 Mod

Vaporesso Swag 2 Mod

Vaporesso looks like they've made some long strides during their time in the industry. Their first few products never made as much of a splash as the Swag 2. Its 0.91" OLED screen cuts through the noise, clarifying how powerful it'll hit. Only adjustment buttons are on each model, along with its single fire key. Such a simple design simplifies operations, ensuring anyone can use them with ease.

Product Specifications

- 0.91” OLED Screen:

Large enough for tired eyes, this screen keeps you in the loop effortlessly. Have you ever taken a hit only to have it hit harder than expected? That's probably because you didn't notice the power settings. With this in your face, that ought to be a lot less common.

- 2 Adjustment Buttons:

Would you like to raise the temperature or lower it to? Both buttons offer an option. Press the right button for whichever direction you'd like to go. With only two of them, it's tough to make a mistake.

- Single Firing Button:

Hitting the vape is a breeze after you've set the settings. Simply tap the single fire key, and you'll taste the hit within moments.

Avenger Baby 108W TC Box Mod - iJoy

Avenger Baby 108W TC Box Mod - iJoy

The Avengers have inspired a lot more than just a movie series. If you'd like to take a piece of them with you, try out this vape. Inspired by the heroes, it does its job diligently, serving up hits with grace. You can even control it by using your voice, thanks to its intuitive voice control system.

Product Specifications

- Spring-loaded Stainless Steel 510 Connection:

510 thread connections are the most common in the vaping industry. That means this vape ought to work with just about anything.

- 200°-600°F:

Vapor tastes best when it's at the right temperature. Control this device's temperature precisely, so each hit's flavor slams the tongue.

- Voice Control System:

No buttons are needed if you'd like to change the settings. Just speak to this vape. After that, the voice control system handles it all.