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How To Prime a Vape Coil

How to prime a vape coil


Regardless of whether you’re using a small or big mod, or how experienced you’re at vaping, sometimes you may notice a blunt, burnt taste when wicking. 

Whenever this happens, you’ll experience a scratch, especially when the flaming fumes hit the back of your throat. This sensation is not anywhere pleasant and can make you cough real hard. But the good news is, you can prevent all these from happening by learning how to prime a new vape coil properly. 


How To Prime a Vape Coil


In this guide, we'll explain the meaning of priming a vape coil and let you know how to prime the coil on a vape pen.

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What Is Priming a Vape? 

Before you learn how to prime a new vape coil, you should know the meaning of priming a  vape. Priming a vape coil means soaking the wicking material with the e-juice before you begin dragging. The trick here is to apply an adequate amount of e-liquid to the material without drenching it. 

When done correctly, priming will prevent the heating elements of the vape or pen from burning. Consequently, you won’t experience burnt taste or darkened spots on the cotton. Most importantly, priming will significantly enhance the shelf -life of your atomizer and Clearomizer coil. 

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How To Prime a Vape Coil

There are two efficient ways that those who want to learn how to prime a new vape coil should know.  Both work with every device available and are magical ways to improve your vaping experience. 

Option One: Adding Drips of E-Juice Through the E-Juice Openings on the Atomizer

Check on the atomizer, and you’ll see two or three holes on its body. These holes are contact points where the e-liquid meets the wick. They also act as the insertion points through which you can thread the wicking cotton. If you can’t still spot the holes, check on the back of your wick since some devices have them there. 

Once you have located the holes, drip two to three drops of e-juice inside each of them. Rest the wick for 5-10 minutes to allow the e-juice to absorb and spread uniformly through the cotton inside. And yes, you’re done priming immediately after the time is due. 

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Option 2: Dripping a Lot of Juice on Top of the Coil

If you want to learn how to prime a new coil on a vape and are looking for a simple alternative, this is the most suitable option. In this hack, you need to open the top of your coil and thread the cotton. 

Next, add a few drips carefully through the top of the coil to the cotton below until you’re sure it’s enough. Be keen and avoid drenching the coil, as this can block the airflow hence compromising the quality of your tastes. 

If you’re unsure about the number of drips to use, peek through the holes located at the sides of the atomizer and check if the cotton is wet. If you see any excess fluid, flick the coil to remove it. 

Leave the coil to rest for 5-30 minutes for the cotton to absorb as much e-juice as possible. Keep in mind that most coils will be ready for use after 10 minutes, but it doesn’t hurt to wait longer. 

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How To Prime Your Coil Faster

If you are wondering: How long to prime a vape coil?  Waiting for 30 minutes for the cotton to absorb all the e-juices can be an uphill task, especially if you have friends waiting or when on a tight schedule. Don’t fret. You can draw the e-juices using your mouth and enhance the absorbency of the e-liquid. 

Make sure the battery button isn’t ON to prevent your device from firing accidentally. Then, locate the intake air valves and block them using your fingers. In case your device doesn’t have one, you’re safe to proceed to the next stage. 

Now take 4-5 dry hits. Expect the hits to be unpleasant since the e-juice isn’t burning. Every dry hit you make siphons the e-juice right into the cotton. However, don’t be too vigorous since deep or strong hits can cause the cotton to drench and block the coil. Be sure to avoid exceeding five dry hits, as this can compromise the quality of your prime. 

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How To Maximize Your Prime

Learning how to prime a vape coil and doing it to perfection isn’t the end of the road yet. To maximize the quality of your prime, here are two best practices that are worth knowing. 

Fit a New Coil

While you can prime an old coil, a new coil is an ideal bet when you want to make the best out of your device. A new coil comes with clean surfaces that absorb e-juice effectively. Additionally, it isn’t burnt, so you can be sure it won’t be another choking sensation. 

Start the Coil at a Lower Wattage

You’re free to jumpstart your coil at any wattage. However, beginning at a slightly lower wattage gives room for the coil to acclimatize. The heating elements expand and contract gradually, hence minimizing the risk of burning or breaking. Additionally, this trick gives the cotton room to draw the e-juices evenly. 

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How To Prime a Vape Pen

The cartridge of a vape pen is slightly smaller than the sub-ohm vapes. As such, priming a vape pen is a bit daunting compared to how we work with larger devices. You’ll need a syringe to draw the e-juice and drip it accurately into the coil. Once done, rest the cartridge for 10 minutes to allow the cotton in the atomizer to draw in the vape juices. 

You can also do the 4-5 primer puffs or dry hits to the coil with the air valve closed and battery-powered off. But this time your dry hits need to be gentle to avoid drenching the coil. 

Also, check that the fluid you use in your vape pen has good viscosity. Some e-juices are so dese that they will take half an hour trying to pass through the cartridge. 

Can I Prime a Burnt Coil?

Yes, you can prime a burnt coil. But unfortunately, this won’t change anything. If you were getting muted, dry, or unpleasant chlorine-like flavors, the tastes will remain until you replace the atomizer head with a new one. 

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How Many Times Should I Prime My Coil? 

To get exemplary results, it’s best to prime your atomizer coil only once. If the first attempt isn’t fruitful, consider changing the cotton. And if the muted tastes constitute, the problem lies with the atomizer head, and you need to replace it immediately. 

Will Priming My Coil Make It Last Longer? 

Knowing how to prime a new vape coil and practicing the methods we’ve covered will help keep the heating elements in the best working state. However, you need a combination of other best practices to make your coil last longer. Always keep the wattage lower and avoid dry hits like a plague. And when done wicking, be sure to clean the heating element so that you don’t hoard any solid remnants inside. 


Knowing how to prime a new coil on a vape is essential to keeping your device at its peak working condition. This hack will also help remedy any blunt taste and make you enjoy your favorite pot. For more hacks, feel free to reach out to us on Breazy.com. We also offer a range of replacement parts at affordable prices.