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How to Turn on Smoke Vape?

how to turn on smoke vape

It can be frustrating if you don't have an idea of turning on your smoke vape. If you are new to the vaping community, you might be looking for someone to teach you how to turn on SMOK.

How to Turn on Smoke Vape?

Every vaping enthusiast wants to begin by puffing away large fumes of the flavored e-juice. You have to follow SMOK vape instructions to turn on your smoke vape.  

In this guide, we have provided information on how to turn on a SMOK.

Steps on How To Turn on SMOK Vape 

Many people want to know how to turn on SMOK vape but don't know where to start.  It is easier than you think. Here is what you have to do before you start using your smoke vape. 

Fill it with your preferred e-liquid flavor. Turn on your smoke vape with the fire button. Essentially, this is the main button that turns the device on/off. If you still don't know how to turn on a Smok vape, you can consult the smoke vape instructions that come with the device. Do not throw away the instruction manual once you purchase the vape pen; this will probably be your breakthrough. 

Also, some vaping devices have lock features. This feature automatically freezes when the vape is in storage; this ensures the smoke device is safe and does not misfire when in your pocket or bag. Some vapes require you to press the fire button several times to unlock them. It may seem like a hassle, but it will help keep your kids from using the vape while you are not around. 

After you turn on your vape device, the only thing left for you is to vape. You can take long puffs of the liquid flavor that you prefer and drift into the world of meditation.

Top-Tier Smoke Vape Products

Before you even think of how to turn on smok vape, you need to ensure that it has the right product for you. There is a bewildering array of product options available on the market, making it a difficult task to find the right one that suits your needs. Today might be your lucky day. We've put together the best products for your health. These products have been tried and tested, and they are proven to have a high performance.


Mother's Milk - Suicide Bunny

Mothers Milk-Suicide Bunny 

Considered one of the best e-liquids in the industry, Mothers Milk -Suicide Bunny will give you an exhilarating experience. It's ideal for new vapers who want to have fun. 


This vape device has a delicious liquid that features a layered vape blend with smooth capture. It also has a strawberry taste that is present throughout the e-liquid flavor. Mothers' milk is among the respected and popular e-juice flavors country-wide. It has a perfect marriage of flavors that allow you to enjoy this vape flavor without getting tired of it.  The Suicide Bunny uses the finest pharmaceutical products and ingredients.


- Has a good scent

- Has a rich custard flavor

- Uses quality ingredients

- Comes with a childproof cap

- Has a tamper-evident seal


- Doesn’t come in variety of flavors

Smok Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

Smok Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

If you are looking for a smoke vape pen with a simple design, you should go for the Smok Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit. It has a diameter of 22mm and a height of stands 110mm high in stature, making it ultra-portable.


It has a redesigned tank that provides users with first-rate taste. The 1650mAh battery is long-lasting, making it reliable and convenient. The vape pen utilizes a direct voltage-based output ranging between 3.3 to 4.2 V. It has a detachable body structure. 

In turn, this allows you to detach and reassemble it for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The vape pen is also made with a simplistic all-in-one detachable design that is user-friendly. 


- Easy to maintain

- Easy to clean

- Has a super cool taste

- It is cost-effective


- It is expensive but worthwhile

Pink Punch Lemonade TWST Disposable Vape Pen - TWST Salt E Liquid

Pink Punch Lemonade TWST

If you are looking to include time-saving products into your vaping routine, Pink Punch Lemonade TWST should be on top of your list;  this is a bold and bright flavor punch with a salt nicotine base.


Pink Punch Lemonade TWST comes with disposable vape pens that contain 1ml of juice with a 50mg nicotine strength. Powered by a 240mAh- battery, these pens are operated by inhaling. This TWST salt e-liquid is known for its range of fruit-packed nicotine blends. They are authentic and have a heavy impact on users. Try vaping the classic pink punch lemonade option, and you will keep coming back for more.


- Safe to use

- No noxious odors

- Has instant satisfaction

- No experience needed

- Affordable

- Has a nice packaging 


- Not suitable for heavy smokers

VCT - Ripe Vapes

VCT- Ripe Vapes

Unlike most vape juice options, the VCT e-juice takes things further. The VCT Ripe Vape has a rich and smooth taste of fine tobacco. It's designed to make you have a thrilling vaping experience. 


This e-juice comes in a large bottle that contains 30 percent propylene glycol and 70 percent vegetable glycerin. As such, this gives you the chance to pull big and dense clouds from the vape pen. When you are inhaling, a robust and smooth tobacco flavor will hit your taste bud. You'll, in turn, receive instant satisfaction. As you exhale, your taste buds will be exposed to a silky vanilla custard that has a pleasing effect. Treat yourself to this premium crafted vape juice, and you will have a great experience. 


- Uses high-quality ingredients

- Has a satisfying effect

- Comes in a large bottle

- It has a pleasant scent 


- It is a bit costly but worth every penny 

Blue Razz - Air Factory E Liquid

Air Factory E Liquid's Pink Punch Ice

Vapers who need an e-liquid that is packed with succulent primary flavors should try Pink Punch Ice. This e-liquid has an amazing ADV flavor that will ensure you have a memorable time. It allows you to experience a nice smooth hit wherever you go. 


The rich lemonade and menthol mixture makes this e-liquid refreshing; the lemonade consists of freshly squeezed lemons. They are then mixed with strawberry and menthol. As a result, this provides a cool sensation that makes it ideal for a hot day. 


- It has been tested and proved to be a good product

- It has a smooth taste

- It has a laxative effect 


- It is pricey 

OG Blue (Blue Slushie) - Keep It 100 E Liquid

OG Blue (Blue Slushie)

If you would like to luxuriate in tangy, fresh fruit flavors whenever you're vaping, the OG Blue is the right e-liquid for you. It's built with a series of flavors that drift a user's mindset into a fun, exciting, and adventurous one.


The OG Blue provides you with a sweet blend of sweet blue raspberry mixed with strawberry. During inhalation, your lungs will be filled with a decadent cloud of fruity blue raspberry. During exhalation, the OG blue juice will leave you with a delicious scent. 


- Has quality tasting flavors

- Made using the finest ingredients

- It is affordable

- Has a pleasant scent


- Can lead to dry mouth


Now that you know how to turn on Smok vape, you can enjoy your favorite e-liquid while vaping. If you are looking for vape products, visit Breazy.com. We have high-quality Smok vape products that will suit your vaping needs.