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How to Use Dual RDA Box Mods - Our Guide

How to Use Dual RDA Box Mods

Using a dual RDA box mod isn't as difficult as you think. Gather all the correct pieces, and it ought to be rather self-explanatory. Most vaporizers are ready to use as soon as you pick them up off-the-shelf. However, if you happen to grab one of these, assembly is your responsibility.

How to Use Dual RDA Box Mods

What is a Dual RDA Box Mod?

RDA box mods have been around for a long time. Large vapor clouds would be their primary attraction.

By adding an additional battery, you can blow even larger clouds, obscuring the room in the process.

Learning how to use them doesn't take long. For the most part, you just need the right equipment.

Putting One of These Together

- Tank:

The tank is where you'll put your vape juice. The larger your tank is, the more vape juice it can contain, prolonging the time between refills. Of course, if a flavor doesn't taste good, it'll take that much longer to switch to another.

- Coil:

Coils are what heat up the vape juice when you hit it. Box mods typically contain one of them, but they can contain two. Your coil impacts how the juice vaporizes, contributing something to it flavor profile. Enthusiasts debate about which coils are best, but we've always found experience is a better judge.

- Box Mod:

The box mod itself contains most of the vaporizer's electronic components. Some of them let you adjust settings such as the temperature and resistance. These adjustments tailor your experience, so you can make things just right. Dual battery box mods have enough space for multiple batteries, adding even more power to your product.

- Battery:

Vaporizer batteries come in three flavors: 186500, 20700 and 21700. The first two numbers indicate the battery's diameter. Before you purchase anything, measure the size of your vaporizer. Otherwise, whatever you pick out might not fit in your device. Then, it'd just be a waste of money.

- Assembling an RDA Box Mod for the First Time:

After gathering all the components, you can put them together, and then you can taste those clouds. Screw the tank into the box mod, where the 510 connector is. Tighten it enough so that it isn't wobbly, but there should still be enough space for airflow. Secure the coil inside of the tank. Then, toss the batteries into your mod. As long as everything's been done correctly, you'll be good to go at this point.

Our Top Dual RDA Box Mods

If you've been with us thus far, you've probably been wondering where you can get your hands on one of these. Fortunately, our selection is replete with choice, dual mods and all. For anyone who hasn't tried one of these yet, we've put together a list of our top products. These ought to impress even the most discerning critics, making them beg for more.

iJoy Captain PD270 234W Box Mod

REV-Tech GTS 230W TC Box Mod - REV-Tech

REV-Tech has been manufacturing quality box mods for several years. This is their latest innovation to the market. Packed with 230W, box mods like these seem as powerful as a mid-summer thunderstorm. Its dual-battery construction just further amplifies its power. Many who struggle with other vapes have found this one's 3-button system is simpler to use.

Topped by a 510-thread connection, this box mod ought to work with all the best coils.

Product Specifications

- Three Button Adjustments:

Controlling the temperature hasn't been any easier than this. Let's say you'd like to use a salt-nic juice. In that case, adjusting the resistance level is as simple as tapping the button. Then, your hits should be smoother than ever.

- 510 Thread:

These connectors are the most common in the industry. Broken parts won't disturb your night, as replacements ought to be easily found. Plus, these connectors are reliable. You'll never have to worry about disappointing hits.

- Dual Batteries:

Two batteries provide more power than one. That simple math. We'd suggest carrying a few spares around with you. That way, as soon as one of them runs dry, another one isn't far behind.

- 230W Output:

100 W would have been rather impressive a few years ago. Today, 230 W is about as high as you can get. Anyone who craves power won't feel as though they've had the wool pulled over their eyes. In other words, this box mod delivers.

Hell Vape X Mike Vapes Rebirth 24mm RDA

Hell Vape X Mike Vapes Rebirth 24mm RDA

Tanks happen to be our favorite part of any box mod. Without them, you'd have nowhere to put your juice. This 24mm RDA tank is built to last, not to mention its massive capacity. After trying one of these, nobody seems to have run out of juice before the end of the day.

Its wide-bore drip tip ushers vapor along each time you take a hit, making magnificent clouds.

Product Specifications

- 6mm Deep Juice Well:

6mm is much deeper than competing products. In fact, it happens to be among the largest on the market. Filling it up in the morning supplies more than enough juice for the whole day.

- 16-Hole Honeycomb Style Adjustable Airflow Top Cap:

Honeycomb styled top caps are a sight for sore eyes. Vapor always diffuses through them so well, flavors are magnified.

- 810 Wide-Bore Resin Drip Tip:

This wide drip tip makes refilling the tank as simple as topping off your car on a long road trip. Even when you are somewhere foreign, that never seems to be a problem.

- Single or Dual Coil Configuration:

Would you rather test a single coil's performance or more than one? Either way, multiple configurations prove simple to use. Toss another coil in the tank when you'd like to switch things up.

Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Sub Ohm Tank

Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Sub Ohm Tank

Powerful hits aren't too difficult, as this vaporizer is built for performance. Smok happens to be one of our favorite manufacturers.

Sturdy and dashing, their signature style seems to seep from every pore of this vaporizer.

The unique coil system innovates how each hit tastes, further amplifying the experience. When you'd rather refill things quickly, a wide-bore drip tip simplifies everything.

Product Specifications

- Performance-Grade TFV8 Baby V2 Coil System:

Smok's coil design occurs to us as their most notable feature. It's no different with this mod, as it pushes the boundaries in all directions. Performance isn't negotiable. It has to be at the top of your mind while comparing products. Otherwise, vapes would feebly eke out a hit when you tried them. Fortunately, Smok's designs are among the most impressive in the world.

- Wide Delrin Widebore Drip Tip:

Wide-bore drip tips appear to be making a comeback. For a while, people sounded as though they didn't like them. However, it looks like they can't get enough of them now that designs have improved.

- High-Temperature Resistant:

Hot temperatures fail to damage this device. Hit your vape as many times as a boxer hits the bag; it'll never overheat. Often, when hitting the vape, it'll get too hot. Older models never did much to solve that problem. Now, things are a lot different, on account of these innovations.

- Gold-Plated 510 Connection:

Gold conducts electricity as well as the maestro of the Sydney Opera. So, it's an excellent choice for your 510-thread connection. Electricity hardly encounters an obstacle, as if falling through clouds of nothingness.

Sigelei Snowwolf P50 Pod System

Snow Wolf 0-100 100W Squonk TC Starter Kit - Sigelei

OLED displays have a better contrast ratio than any other type of display, and this has one built-in. You can check how hot those hits will be before ever taking a sip, saving throats from seething vapors. A wide range of temperature settings customizes the experience effortlessly.

Elegant hits trailing, you'll never wonder whether this was worthwhile.

When you're ready to see the relief, its voluminous clouds ought to do the trick.

Product Specifications

- 0.91" OLED Display :

Adjusting the settings is no longer a game of chance. Instead, the screen bares it all right there in front of your face. It'll tell you the device's temperature and resistance levels with ease.

- 10 to 100W Output Range:

Going from hot to cold has always been a bit trickier than the reverse. Nevertheless, such a wide range makes short work of an old obstacle.

- 1.0 to 7.5V Output Range:

You've got just as much latitude with the voltage as well. At its peak, electricity courses through this like a stampeding herd of wild horses, running from poachers. At the low end, it's as if a trickle of electrons were emulating the low rumble of a babbling brook. Either way, your experience ought to be sublime.

- Dual Post Single Terminal Build Deck w/ Peek Insulator:

Even hot hits won't singe the hands, thanks to the peek insulator. It's got a dual terminal, allowing more than one battery to be installed. That means you'll never have to worry about how much power you've got left. Just toss another battery into the box when the electrons stop flowing.