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How To Vape In Public

how to vape in public

In the modern age it seems there are more vapers than there are smokers. And with good reason. Not only is vaping less hazardous to your health, it’s also cheaper and indoor friendly. 

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Since the ban on smoking in public places back in 2007, many regular smokers turned to vaping as an alternative. Vaping, unlike cigarette smoking, doesn’t leave the same lingering odors. And despite smoking being banned in public sectors, vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes was still allowed in many independent bars and restaurants as well as other smaller businesses. 

It is now common knowledge that vaping is much less of a health risk than regular cigarette smoking. As smoking cigarettes contains carcinogens, tar and other toxic chemicals that are damaging to the body and its organs, vaping on the other hand simply does not. 

Even though vaping is without a doubt the cleaner and healthier choice over smoking, it seems today still, those who vape are treated with the same demeanor as cigarette smokers. Which like already mentioned, is today banned in indoor public spaces and is unpleasant to be around for those who don’t smoke. 

Despite vapers and smokers being painted with the same brush in the eyes of many, it is safe to say that vapers are the wiser of the two. Not to be offensive to cigarette smokers. After all, cigarette smoking has been around for centuries and was certainly one of the biggest industries in the world at one moment in time. However, as human beings and our society evolves and develops, so do our habits. 

Electronic cigarettes and dry herb vaping devices are the new age for smokers. Some smokers converted to vaping for the convenience of being able to smoke indoors. Not to the mention as well, the aroma left from vaping is much more pleasant for your own home when compared to the scent of a cigarette. Hence why many smokers, when smoking at home tend to go outside, just like they would if they were in a public space. 



Seeing as though vapers and smokers are still treated the same, and some vapers are even looked down on in public, it seemed a cool idea to produce the stealth vaping guide. In short, the guide offers some awesome tips and tricks on how to vape low key, without the fear of judgement or drawing attention to yourself in public. The site Breazy is also a great spot to check out the latest electronic cigarettes, affordable vape juice, and vaping kits on the market today. 

If everyone understood the health risks associated with regular smoking, I think many would agree that vaping is the much wiser choice. And, like mentioned previously, smokers not only run the higher risk of heart and lung disease, but recent studies suggest there is a direct link between smoking and lung cancer. Vaping was originally introduced, not only as an alternative to cigarette smoking, but also as a means of quitting the habit altogether. 

Many lifetime smokers, who have turned to vaping as a method for quitting smoking, have found it to be more successful than other formulas like nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum. Not only is it more effective at helping the smoker quit, but it also has a higher success rate in keeping the smoker from going back to the habit long after quitting. 

For any smoker considering vaping as the alternative, they would certainly be making a wise decision. Not only is it less hazardous to your health, but it is also financially the better choice. If you’ve bought a reliable device, your only expense is in replacing the fluid after recharging the battery, simple yet effective.