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JUUL Pods Continue To Grow In Popularity

We’ve covered pod mods before here at Breazy, and given you the rundown on what they are, how they work, and why they’re popular. We’re bringing pod mods back into the spotlight with the Juul vaporizer.

Pod mod vapes get their name from their setup. While vape users typically must refill tanks with e-juice, those that opt for pod mods mainly use prefilled cartridges, or “pods” instead of traditional tanks. This allows vape users to change flavors quickly, and in the case of prefilled pods, allows users to eliminate e-liquid filling all together. Convenience is one obvious benefit to making the switch to pod mods, but the increased popularity of the Juul pod mod shows that there are many more features besides added convenience that this device has to offer.


One of the most appealing characteristics of the Juul system to me is the price. Yes a good vape requires a good investment, based on what you hope to get from your device. The Juul offers quite a bit for it's price. A starter kit will set you back about $49.99, but this starter kit sets you up with all the equipment you need to curb your cravings and continue on your smoking cessation journey. This kit comes with the mod, the charger, and one multi Juul pod 4-pack with flavors fruit medley, creme brulee, cool mint, and Virginia tobacco.

Ease of Use

Vaping has been a successful aid for smoking cessation for many individuals, however higher end devices can intimidate some from taking the plunge into smoking cessation. I used vape pens for a long time before I felt comfortable with purchasing a larger mod on my own. The Juul pod system is incredibly user friendly. The device allows you to change flavors seamlessly without any cross over from lingering flavors. There are no worries about switching from cream-based flavors to tobacco and back again - Juul's pod mod has you covered.

They're compact, meaning no fretting about having a pocket big enough for your mod. The Juul system is slim and discreet - with no physical buttons, an LED indicator light displays if the device is charged or not. Charging the device typically takes around an hour, which is convenient for the person on the go. The battery charge can also last all day, depending on your vaping habits of course.

Comparison to Cigarettes - Smoking Cessation

One of the major pros to the Juul system is how similar it feels to smoking - this can be a major selling point for people just beginning their journey towards smoking cessation. While vaping alone can be helpful in curbing cravings, the Juul system mimics the taste and sensation of a traditional cigarette, but without all of the additives found in your traditional cigarettes. This can be credited to the research the company Pax Labs did regarding how smoking a cigarette feels, they then focused their efforts on replicating this in an electronic model. One key point worth noting, is that the company uses salts naturally found in tobacco leaves to replicate the tobacco sensation of traditional cigarettes.

Tyler Goldman, Juul Labs' CEO, notes the popularity of the device, stating that the company has quickly sold over 1 million products and become the #2 product on the market. If this isn't reassurance enough, each device has a one year warranty. With a product gaining popularity, it's worth looking to see if a pod mod may be the right option for you on your smoking cessation journey. The Juul Pod Mod has become quite popular for it's ease of use and similarity in sensation to traditional cigarettes. If you're ready to take the next step with using vaping as a means to your smoking cessation, look into the Juul Pod Mod.