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The Danger Of Chasing The Nicotine Buzz By Vaping

The Danger Of Chasing The Nicotine Buzz By Vaping

When you’re a heavy smoker, the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning is that first cigarette of the day. That first puff, the calm relaxation as you settle into your day. This is the nicotine buzz and byproduct of nicotine addiction.  

Who feels the nicotine buzz? New smokers feel it the most. Also, people who have quit smoking for a while and then start again feel it hard as well. Anyone who smokes or ingest nicotine through a variety of means feels the nicotine buzz even if they do not notice it.

When you are quitting cigarettes and moving over to vaping, it’s important to know that you’re not chasing the same nicotine buzz as you were as a smoker. Vaping is different. It hits differently, and depending on which type of e-liquid you use, the sensation can be very different.

For one thing, vapor particles are much larger than smoke particles, meaning nicotine uptake is much less efficient when vaping as less of the vapor penetrates your lungs, mouth, and throat. As a result, you might not get the immediate effects that you once got from smoking cigarettes. And that’s okay. While craving nicotine is a natural thing for the former smoker to want, and then supplement with vaping.

To understand how it works, it’s important to know how the power of nicotine affects the body in order to give it that buzz, and why supplementing vaping won’t fully satisfy that craving.

  1. You ingest nicotine, either through smoking a cigarette, chewing tobacco (or by inhaling nicotine vapor from a vape).

  2. The nicotine takes only a few seconds to get to your brain. When it gets there, the nicotine attaches itself to things called acetylcholine receptors. These receptors control levels of dopamine in your body.

  3. Dopamine is released into your body, that is the beginning of the nicotine buzz.
    Serotonin is another pleasure-causing chemical that gets released into your body by nicotine


  1. Nicotine acts as an enabler and widens capillaries, allowing for the buzz to take hold immediately, although it only last for a few minutes.

When a smoker tries to quit cold turkey and the cessation is immediate, they experience a withdrawal period of weeks or months due to the lack of dopamine the body expects from the daily fix of nicotine. This is where a vape comes in. Instead of cold turkey, a quitting smoker picks up a vape so that the cessation period from the cigarettes is easier to handle.

Also, smokers are creatures of habit, and when a smoker uses a vape to fulfill the regular functions of his smoking day: such as, for example when they wake up, after he eats breakfast, during lunch breaks, after work, before / after dinner, and before bed, his supplement of the vape during all these times will make his withdrawal period a lot easier to handle.