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What Is the Best PG/VG Ratio?

pg vs vg

Once most vapers gain a little familiarity with their hobbies, they start making small adjustments to their overall settings to attain their sweet spot. The most frequently modified vaping aspects are the propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin ratio (PG vs VG ratio).

It turns out that even minor adjustments to the proportion of e-liquid might alter the vaping experience quite dramatically. This is why understanding what the ratios do to vaping experience is so significant. Changing that ratio may result in stronger flavor, bigger clouds, and a powerful throat hit.

Here is a guide to enlighten you on the most general e-juice ratios. This will guide you in determining what ratio you should switch to in meeting your vaping requirements.

Best PG/VG Ratio

Ratio and Its Importance

If you are not conversant with how proportions work, let’s explain. E-liquid comprises four ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavorings, and nicotine. The base being the VG and PG to ensure that the vape juice has the correct consistency to exist solely.

Basically, there is no exact PG vs VG proportion for e-liquids since some vapers like more VG and others like more PG. That is the reason why vape juice is available in a wide variety of proportions. The user can choose the one suiting their requirements and vape appropriately.

PG vs VG

VG is a thick and sticky, odorless, and slimy ingredient. As mentioned earlier, consistency is vital, and the vape juice will burn if it gets too watery. VGs high smoke point hinders this from occurring; also, its thicknesses allow the clouds to thicken.

Blueberry Cereal Donut Milk by The One E Liquid

On the other hand, PG is more liquid and thinner; thus, balancing the VG and inhibiting
vape juice from becoming exceedingly thick. PG thinness thins vaporizer clouds. However, it is also said to give a deeper throat hit and concentrate the flavor due to the way it evaporates.

Higher VG e-juices, consequently, yield thicker clouds while higher PG juices produce thinner clouds; however, they have a powerful hit at the back of your throat and a stronger flavor when you inhale.


This means maximum, meaning that the e-liquid holds more VG and almost no PG. As we said, thicker clouds are a result of the higher amount of VG.

MAX VG is great for vapers who wish to chase huge, thick clouds over and above. Having a MAX VG, the e-liquid may as well last longer, as it is denser compared to high PG e-liquid. Thus, it takes a longer time to evaporate once heated. Meanwhile, if you take a MAX VG vape juice beside a quite high potency level, the high-performance setting will make the difference in every hit as you consume more vape juice.


This ratio contains the highest possible amount of PG, with the least possible amount of VG. Like we mentioned earlier, PG provides you with stronger throat hits and more flavor, but thinner clouds.


OG Blue (Blue Slushie) by Keep It 100 E Liquid

To individuals not interested in enormous clouds but wish for a great throat hit and a nice, sassy flavor, MAX PG might be the best for you. Also note, that MAX PG works great with lower power levels since its thinness may burn your
vape juice following high power levels. This alters its flavor in an undesirable way.


This ratio is a step below the MAX VG, which provides you with huge, thick vape clouds, with a less throat hit and a bit more flavor. This is an ideal ratio for those looking for clouds; however, they do not want to forgo the e-liquid rich flavor. Note that at this rate, your throat hit might be subtle.


This is among the popular proportions because those who chase for clouds will have the huge vapor plumes they want, with subtle throat hit and a decent quantity of flavor. Many vapers using high voltage systems prefer this ratio as it seems to offer them all they want in terms of flavor and cloud size.

Reds Apple E Juice by Vape 7 Daze


This ratio is a bit balanced. Nevertheless, it is not common, as it is not easy to obtain a proportion between 70/30 and 80/20. Again, this ratio will offer you a simple throat hit, a good-sized cloud, and a fuller flavor.


This is a prevalent ratio within sub-ohm vapers. It allows users to have good throat hits and a bold flavor while still enjoying a decent amount of delicious thick vapor. It is also known as one of the finest ratios for high voltage systems, in addition to 80/20. You do not need to reduce the power level to accommodate the ratio.


This provides you with a good proportion between throats hit, flavor, and cloud production. These ratios are usually used with low power systems that are below 80 watts. The finer consistency works great at a lower power level as the PG might burn the flavor when the potency is too high. The common ratio with e-juices is salt-based nicotine due to their usage with low-voltage pod mods devices.

Green Apple by Skwezed E Liquid

Overall, Ratios Make All the Difference When Vaping!

Understanding how ratios adjust your experience may help you make clear decisions to customize your vaping sessions based on your desires. Use this guide and then use it to begin making your vape juice today.