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Summer Liquid Storage – It's Up to You to Prevent Brownouts


If you've been vaping long enough, you've probably experienced the dreaded phenomena that is juice browning. A liquid that you haven't used in a while will turn a dark brown color and, if you try to vape it, all the delicate flavor notes will end up buried under a nondescript sweetness.

What's happening? The sweeteners in your vape have caramelized, thickening the juice and crowding out other flavors. While thick juice sounds like a good thing (killer clouds!), in actuality you're going to find a mediocre-at-best flavor that gunks your coils up a lot faster.

E-liquid's main enemies are heat and light – two things we have in abundance during the summer months. While heat can be helpful in kick-starting the steeping process for freshly-made liquids, most premium vendor mixes have already been steeped and should need no help maximizing their flavor potential.

For this reason, you're going to want to keep your liquid in a cool, dark place – while this doesn't have to be your refrigerator (though it's probably not a bad idea for bottles you're not going to be vaping for a few days) avoid direct sunlight, especially windows that can magnify the effects of heat and light. Leave your bottle in a hot car for just a day or two and it could be in jeopardy of browning.  The corner of a cabinet that stays closed most of the time (and is inaccessible to children, if you have any in the home) will probably work fine.

Of course, this may present some problems going out – you do, after all, have to carry enough liquid around for tank fills or to drip with during the day. If you buy in bulk, you probably already have a smaller 15-30 ml bottle to carry around with you. Refilling this from your main supply every day or two is going to be a good bet, and should do fine in ensuring you avoid spoilage.

Even if your juice does darken up a bit, it doesn't mean it's ruined. Especially in concentrations of 6 mg or higher, nicotine will interact with the other components of the juice and cause it to turn a few shades darker after the bottle is opened for the first time – this is called oxidation, and it's nothing to worry about. Use common sense, and try a small amount first if you're concerned about your liquid's quality. But follow these simple tips and you should have no issues vaping your way through the heat.