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TFN E Liquid Options: The Tobacco Free Nicotine Selection

TFN E Liquid options


We talked a while back about tobacco-free nicotine, a substance that's synthetically lab-created and, while it delivers all of the same effects both good and bad (mood enhancement, increased relaxation, better focus, higher blood pressure, pregnancy complications), it is not in any way, shape or form a tobacco product.


In the past we've also explored nicotine in general, including the ongoing debate over whether, separated from the other chemicals present in cigarette smoke, nicotine is actually a harmful substance at all. We'd suggest that you do a bit of your own research if you're curious about this matter.


Nonetheless, what we're here today to discuss is the availability of this tobacco-free nicotine (TFN) in actual, ready-to-vape liquids. The first few TFN juice lines are already rolling out, and we expect more companies to join the bandwagon as time progresses. For now, take a look at some of these options.


CRFT Labs is offering both their original Peel, a crisp apple flavor, and Kiwi Peel, a juicy tropical flavor, in tobacco-free versions.


Hold Fast Vapor is stepping up with Sour Dream their TFN take on your favorite sour-crystal-crusted gummy candies.


Creative E-Liquid, meanwhile, brings another three straight fruits – a strawberry, a cucumber, and a watermelon to the table.


Sweet & Savoury E-Liquid, though, branches out with some of our first TFN dessert options. Check out their cheesecake, chocolate muffin, and cream puff offerings by clicking any of the links here.


Like we said, this is just a beginning – vapers looking for a truly tobacco-free option can expect this field to burst with new options as time progresses. Will tobacco-free nicotine be a foil to the impending FDA regulations that as of last month promise to stifle innovation in the vape industry? At the moment, it appears the government doesn't care whether a "tobacco product" actually contains or involves tobacco, but TFN activists have promised a challenge on this front. We'll be watching this topic with much interest going forward.