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Tips for Storing Your Vape Mod

You’re spending a lot of time in the heat this summer, and maybe you’re about to go on a vacation. If so, perhaps you’ve been searching the forums for the best way to store you mod while taking a trip, or just to keep it safely out of the sun or the boiling heat of your car.

Proper care and storage for your mod is every bit as important as it is to keep your juices, batteries, or coils safe and fresh.

Traveling this Summer?

If you’re about to take a trip, whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile—yes, even that lucky percentage of you going on a cruise—storing your mod properly will keep it from any potential damage. A few things that I recommend:

Unscrew your tank from your mod. If you aren’t vaping, it’s best to do this to prevent leakage and any unwanted electrical currents if you’ve accidentally left your mod turned on and unlocked. Believe me, you don’t think your mod can fire by itself, but if you don’t turn it off or lock the power, it certainly can, and it probably will, especially if you have your mod free-floating in a bag instead of secured inside a case.

That same thought continued, it’s best to remove your battery. This will keep the battery safe from any unforeseen damage, as well as ensure that your mod will NOT turn on at any point. Make sure to keep your batteries secured in a case designed for this purpose - they’re cheap and prevent explosions from your batteries coming into contact with loose change, one another, or anything else metal and going into thermal runaway.

To prevent any leakage from your tank, a good rule of thumb is either empty it out before packing it away, or if you must keep that e-liquid in the tank, put it inside a zip lock plastic baggie, just like you would with any liquids for traveling.

The number one tip in my book? Invest in a carrying case for your mod. Some of these are ultra-protective hard-shell, while others are a softer cloth case. Obviously if you’re really afraid of your stuff getting damaged, a hard case is the way to go. If not, soft cases are great too. A good travel case has a place for everything: your tank, your mod, your juices, your batteries—you can’t go wrong.

These tips go well for storing away from the heat too. As a rule, keep your vape mod away from any excessive or extreme temperatures.

E-liquids too! If you’re traveling, keep them packed away safely away from light and heat when and where possible. Afraid of glass bottles? Then why not use plastic unicorn bottles to travel with? They’ll take away the threat of broken glass and wasted juice spilling all over you or your possessions.