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Understanding Vaping Terms Part Two: Common Vape Terms

We’ve learned a bit about the terms used to describe our vape mods and accessories, but what about the stuff you hear those other vapers use? The vape community seems to have its own language if you’re just getting your feet wet.

What Do They Mean When They Say…

All Day Vape (ADV): When you hear someone say all day vape, they’re referring to a favorite liquid, one they could (and often do) vape all day long.

Clouds: You can probably guess what clouds are. The vapor that you exhale comes out in a thick, cloud-like shape. You’ll soon learn, if you didn’t know already, that some vapers are serious about their clouds.

Cloud-Chasing: Cloud chasers are those people who’re focused on thick, heavy cloud production, and aim to find the best juices for creating those luscious beauties.

DL Hits (Direct-lung hits): Direct-lung inhales mean that you’re essentially breathing the vapor straight into your lungs, instead of the method you might be used to from smoking cigarettes.

Dry Hits: Dry hits are horrible. Sometimes, your wick is prevented from re-saturating, usually due to overuse, ineffective priming, or a worn-out coil (most of the time, though, it means you’ve vaped your clearomizer tank dry without noticing). You’ll want to prevent these as much as possible, unless you enjoy a gnarly burnt taste and searing heat.   

Flavor-Chasing: Flavoring chasers are the contingent of vapers who are more interested in flavor than they are clouds. Like cloud chasers look for VG-heavy liquids, they typically seek out the types of juices that provide a bolder, stronger flavor, rather than their cloud-focused counterparts.

Flooding: Flooding happens when e-juice gets into the main air-flow. You’ll know because there will be a gurgling sound, or leakage, and you usually end up with hot e-juice in your mouth (neither pleasant nor recommended). Flooding can damage your coil too, and cause it to burn out faster than it should.

MTL Hits (Mouth-to-lung hits): Mouth-to-lung hits are similar to the drags you would take off a cigarette. Instead of directly inhaling vapor into your lungs, you pull the vapor into your mouth before inhaling into your lungs and throat. Most smokers prefer to start vaping with MTL hits.

PG: PG stands for propylene glycol. This is an ingredient used in e-liquids that is flavorless and odorless. It’s also the component that holds flavor and nicotine best, so if you’re a flavor-chaser, a higher ratio of PG in your liquid is probably more your forte.

Priming: Think about how your car needs oil to run smoothly. Well, your wick needs to be saturated at all times to vaporize. Priming is when you soak your new coil’s wick with e-juice before use. It’s a sure-fire way for a good start, as it prevents dry hits from occurring on the first couple of draws.

Throat Hit: A throat hit is that feeling you get in the back of your throat when you inhale nicotine. It’s a tingling, sort of irritating sensation that most smokers crave when they kick cigarettes. Vape juices offer a wide range of options; whether you want zero throat hit, intense throat hit, or somewhere in-between, there’s a host of liquids tailored to your taste.

Vapers’ Tongue: Vapers’ tongue is described as a sudden loss of flavor when vaping. This happens for a multitude of reasons. Luckily it isn’t permanent, and should go away on its own in a few days.

VG: VG stands for vegetable glycerin, another key ingredient in your e-juice. It’s thicker than PG and has a slightly sweet flavor. VG doesn’t hold flavorings as well as PG, but it does aid in cloud production. If clouds are important to you, a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin in your e-liquid is more your speed.