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Buy a USB Charger for Vape Pens Online

Buy a USB Charger for Vape Pens Online

When you’re
vaping, there’s nothing worse than finding your vape is running out of charge. It can be a real nuisance if you’re on a long trip and don’t have access to a power socket. But if you’re carrying a USB charger for a vape pen with you, then you’ll be protected from this irritating situation.

USB Charger for Vape Pens: Online Buying Guide

We’ve reviewed a selection of USB chargers for
vape pens here in this article, and we’ll give you a brief overview of each one. We’ll also talk a little about why USB chargers can be so useful. 

USB Charger for Vape Pen

Even if your vape pen comes with a good battery and tends to last a while, you never know when you might need to have a recharging facility available. If you carry multiple vapes, there is still a chance they could all run out before you get back home from your travels. That’s why it’s key to get a USB charger for vape pens. If you have a USB charger for vape pens not working, then this article is essential reading. 

Where to Buy USB Charger for Vape Pen

We found our selection of vape pen chargers from one online store, Breazy. They’re a convenient place to buy from and have many positive customer reviews. They also offer free shipping on certain orders within the USA that are over $100. So if you buy multiple vapes, you could benefit from this. 

Our four chosen vape pens are:

  • - JUUL USB Charging Dock 
  • - eGo USB Charger 
  • - Efest XSmart Single USB Charger 
  • - Aspire Breeze Charging Dock 

JUUL USB Charging Dock

JUUL USB Charging Dock 

The USB charger for vape pen JUUL is only $9.09. That’s a bargain price and if you’re looking for a charger you should get this one immediately before they’re all sold out. It’s a well-known brand, and that’s why you can trust them. Their charging dock comes in a compact design so that you can carry it in your pocket without any problems.

It only takes an hour to completely charge, and that means you won’t have to wait. When you plug in your vape pen that needs recharging, it will charge fast, which is even better. Because it’s a dock, there aren’t any cables to worry about either. It works magnetically instead.


  • - It’s compatible with any USB port 
  • - It looks sleek and stylish 
  • - It’s high-quality 


  • - Because it’s so small, it’s easier to lose 

Jili Box Charging Case by Uptown Tech

eGo USB Charger

Unlike the JUUL Charging Dock, this charger costs only $2.75, but there is a reason for that. It’s not wireless. It has a cable that you’ll have to plug into your vape pen, which limits the vape pens you can use it with. It’s incompatible with any batteries that aren’t made by eGO and a few others, so you’ll need a vape that supports these. 

There is no fixed charge time because it depends on the battery capacity. It works with eGo-T, eGo-C, eGo-C Twist, Innokin iTaste v3, and Vision Spinner. 


  • - It’s compact despite the cable 
  • - It’s extremely cheap 


  • - It only works with a tiny selection of batteries 

Uwell Caliburn G 15W Starter Kit

Efest XSmart Single USB Charger

At a slightly higher price of $7.99, this vape pen is a little different from the others. It’s compatible with a wide range of batteries and has some additional features too. It will adjust the amount of power it discharges depending on the battery you connect, and it’s protected against polarity reversal. 


  • - It also protects you against over-voltage, and short-circuiting 
  • - It has a DC voltage option for charging 
  • - It can also charge other devices, like MP3 players 


  • - It doesn’t come with a wall cable, so you can’t plug it in 


Aspire Breeze Charging Dock by Aspire

Aspire Breeze Charging Dock 

At the slightly lower price of $6.99, this charging dock isn’t much different from the Efest one above. However, it does differ in one key area. Its battery capacity is a whopping 2000mAh. That means it can give your vape pen a lot of charge in a short time. 


  • - It comes with a USB cable ready to use 
  • - It’s affordable 


  • - It doesn’t specify what battery types it’s compatible with 


One final tip to consider with these USB chargers is making sure the USB charger for vape pen light stays green. That way, you’ll know it’s charging your vape pen without any problems. Either way, you now know several USB charger options, and why it’s useful to have one. 

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