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Vapes and Adult Beverages: A Rough Pairing Guide

Vapes and Adult Beverages: A Rough Pairing Guide

Okay, we're all adults here, which means we've all been there – out for a night of imbibing libations. This is the time when most former smokers will say they're most tempted to indulge. The hope here is that we can make things a little easier – like a good wine or craft beer pairs best with the proper dinner, the vast array of vape flavors available can do much more to complement a cocktail than stale, bitter cigarette smoke. While in no means a definitive guide, let the following serve as inspiration for the adventurous foodie looking to expand their palate.

Lagers: The most ubiquitous of beer styles, this beverage is generally mild with a touch of sweetness. Amp things up with your favorite dessert pairing, or perhaps a mild fruity concoction.

Stouts: Deep, rich beers demand strong but mellow flavors. If you've got a favorite vape that includes a chocolatey note, this is its' time to shine. Tobacco flavor enthusiasts will also find themselves at home pairing their favorite e-liquid with a rich, nutty brew.

India Pale Ales: Fans of this strong, hoppy brew (especially "West Coast" or "San Diego" variants) will appreciate the citrus notes inherent in the most popular varieties of this bold brew. Pair your pint with a correspondingly bold citrus or tropical fruit vape.

Witbiers: Made popular largely through hefewiezen variants, wheat beers pack a bit more flavor than lagers but are still smooth and easy-drinking. Milder fruits or bakery flavors without a cloying sweetness will pair well with your glass here.

Red wines: Like with stout beer, earthy tones such as tobacco or light chocolates will bring out the best in your beverage.

White wines: On this front we're going to go back to fruits, recommending a sharp citrus vape to enhance the qualities of your favorite white (or pink) grape.

Vodka cocktails: Here, anything goes. The beauty (and downfall) of vodka is that it can make anything boozy without imbuing any significant notes of its own. Take what you're mixing it with into mind when choosing a vape accompaniment, and the best of luck to your compatriots once you've downed three or four rounds.

Whisky/bourbon drinks: Going back to the well of other darker drinks, tobaccos and rich desserts should shine here.

Tequila: Sharper flavors will contrast best, but if you're consuming more than one tequila drink in which you can actually taste the spirit you probably won't remember tomorrow anyway. As long as you're not smoking, enjoy your night.

Rums: Depending on the type of rum, your experience may vary. For darker varieties we're sticking with rich tobacco and dessert flavors, though we'd trend more toward fruits if you're venturing into light or spiced rums, particularly if they're used as a component in a juice-based concoction.

Gin: The sharp herbal flavors you'll experience with gin-based drinks lend themselves well to floral-based vapes (which can be hard to find these days, especially quality ones). Failing that, try a fruit or a mild bakery flavor that's not overwhelmingly sweet.