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Vaping Etiquette In College

Being a college student is a great experience, but it can leave some with questions regarding vaping policies. School rules on this subject aren't always as clear as we would hope, and finding your campus policy can sometimes involve searching for one small mention in a student handbook. Chances are you won't find out about your particular university's regulations until you're in violation, often because there aren't any posted signs. I'm lucky to attend a school that is very open about their policy regarding vapes and tobacco, and they don't lump the two together, thankfully. If you're not as lucky and it's back-to-school time, here are some general rules of thumb on how to approach vaping on campus.


Don't Vape in Class


This should seem obvious, but I wouldn't recommend vaping in class. Regardless of policy, vaping in class is like being on your phone, it's disrespectful. Outside of being rude, most classes aren't that long, outside of a few night classes (which typically have breaks), and you can catch a few puffs when you're done with class. I don't know about you, but when I vape my mind tends to wander - combine a wandering mind with class and you're not learning anything. Your campus policies may state otherwise, but my rule of thumb is no vaping in class.


Avoid Vaping in Dorms


Another general rule is that you can't vape in college dorms. This is often more out of respect for other residents than for a "vaping is the same as smoking" reason. It's not a good time to find out about a roommate's allergy to oranges after exhaling orange creamsicle clouds around them, let's say. To keep things simple, unless you've cleared it both with the university and everyone else in your dorm, keep the vaping outside.


Watch Your Charging Vape


Battery safety - we've covered it so many times here at Breazy. It's crazy important that you be smart when charging your device, which means never leaving it alone charging in your dorm. Campus policies often require students to use surge protectors for safety, which tells you how great the electric wiring is (maybe not, actually), especially in older dorms. I don't even trust my phone in my dorm to charge by itself, and the batteries in your vape require even more safety precautions than phone batteries. If you're going to charge your mod, do it while you're in the room, and keep an eye on it. I use even more caution when charging in my dorm than in my own home.


Getting to Know the Campus Culture


Chances are, you aren't the first vaper on campus. If you see some people vaping together, ask if it's the designated vaping area. This is a quick way to find out - veterans of vaping on campus can be a great help in finding out about permitted vaping areas, the best local vape shops, and it's an opportunity to make new friends. This is how I found out about vaping in the first place, and gained the support I needed to kick my smoking habit.


Ask Questions, Find Out the Policy, Follow It


If you really want to know what your campus policy is surrounding vaping, ask. If it's not openly posted, the best thing to do is inquire on your own. I've found it's better to show your respect for the regulations set in place by your school than to not know and face a warning or fine later. It takes maybe thirty seconds to ask someone, and if they don't know the answer, they can probably point you toward someone who does.


College is stressful enough without worrying about getting in trouble for vaping where you shouldn't be. Policies can be confusing, and while we hope vaping policies are openly posted on your campus, they may not be. When faced with this situation use these tips as guidelines and exercise your best judgement. When in doubt, ask. Be smart, ask questions, and vape safe.