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Squonk Mods: What Are Their Benefits And How Do They Work?

What are squonk mods?

Vaping is taking the world by storm and is quickly becoming a popular pastime activity, especially in the United States. Statistics reveal that over nine million adults vape regularly in the US alone. As a testament to its popularity, more vapers continue to adopt mods to enrichen their vaping experiences. Mods are devices that modify regular vape pens to enhance vaping's versatility and convenience, hence their name.

Squonk Mods: Benefits And How Do They Work

Arguably, squonk mods have the most bizarre name among vaping accessories and devices; but, that has not gotten in the way of their massive success. Squonk mods, alternatively known as bottom feeders, are vaping devices that offer the benefits of both sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers (RBA) to achieve huge e-liquid storage and vapor production simultaneously.

As squonking becomes more popular, avid and new vapers alike might find themselves wondering what squonk mods are and how they can improve their vaping experiences. Here is a guide on squonk mods and the benefits they have to offer.

What Is A Squonk Mod?

Squonk mods are vaping devices that contain internal e-liquid bottles. They use narrow tubes to connect the threading at the bottom of the mod to the internal bottle. A typical squonk mod uses hollow 510 connectors to move the vape liquid from the internal bottle to the atomizer. The name of these mods comes from the peculiar "squonk" sound that the vape liquid makes as it flows through the tube after gently squeezing the bottle.


Rig Squonk Mod by Vaping American Made Products

The earliest squonk mods were mechanical and invented by dexterous vapers who wanted to increase their devices' e-liquid storage capacity through mods. Shortly after this innovation, companies started mass-producing and selling mechanical bottom feeders. By early 2018, squonk mods had become such a successful product that major e-cigarette manufacturers started scrambling to produce regulated mods with extra safety features.

What Is Squonking?

Squonking is a vaping style that involves using vapes with bottom-fed atomizers/mods. Through squonking mods, vapers can push a button to increase the volume of e-juice in the tank instantly. The cotton embedded in the atomizer then absorbs the vape juice. This set-up produces thick clouds of vapor while enhancing the flavor.

Squonking is quite synonymous with dripping, a vaping style born when vapers realized that dripping e-juice onto cotton intermittently produced bigger clouds of vapor and more robust flavors. However, dripping is not beginner-friendly and requires plenty of skill; otherwise, you could end up making a mess. Manually dripping vape juice onto a cotton wick is time-consuming, sloppy, complicated and challenging to perform on the go.


Cloud Nurdz E Liquid Bundle by Cloud Nurdz E Liquid



Squonking takes dripping to another level by making it more hands-free and accessible, especially for vapers who are not yet conversant with vaping mods. For many vapers, squonking is the way to go since it increases their devices' capacity and eliminates the need for carrying multiple bottles of e-juice.

Squonk mods have been around for some time now, dating back to 2009 when an e-cigarette user made a DIY mod using Radio Shack boxes. This rudimentary squonk mod eventually spread to 250 other users; however, the innovator was ultimately unable to meet this unique product's growing demand. Since then, other innovators have employed this technique and made their own mods, many of which are available on the market.


Geek Vape Athena Squonk Kit by Geek Vape


Squonk mods are conveniently portable thanks to their relatively massive bottle capacities of between 7 and 10 milliliters. They also offer other benefits typically achievable through RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer) mods, such as the freedom to wick or build your own coils and enhanced airflow. Nowadays, it is possible to purchase inexpensive all-in-one squonk kits that offer greater value for money than other kinds of vapes.

What Are the Varieties of Squonk Mods?

Although there are numerous ways of categorizing squonk mods, the two most common mods are regulated and unregulated. Unregulated squonk boxes typically provide the atomizer with raw power from the battery, depending on the build's resistance.

Users of unregulated mods have to develop their builds according to the safety limits of their batteries while following basic battery safety knowledge and Ohm's law. Some mass-produced unregulated squonk boxes come equipped with inbuilt safety features that prevent short circuits and other dangerous user errors. However, others are essentially mechanical mods with no safety features whatsoever.




On the other hand, regulated squonk mods often have fully-featured VV/VW chipsets that allow users to select the voltage or wattage they desire. The majority of these mods also come equipped with an assortment of safety features that eliminate most concerns about battery safety. Many vapers consider them the safest option for squonking and the most viable option for temperature-controlled vaping.

What Are the Advantages of Using Squonk Mods?

Unparalleled Convenience

If you have tried vaping before, you are probably familiar with RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers). As useful as they may be, RDAs require you to manually drip the vape juice into the atomizer. Manual dripping is time-consuming, inconvenient and can be messy.

Squonking, however, makes dripping hassle-free. Using a vape with a squonk box is a lot easier than using a regular vape since it eliminates the need for manual dripping.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Usually, e-cigarette users who wish to produce more vapor have no other choice except RDAs. No other device offers the airflow necessary for cloud chasing and ample space for a coil with an adequate surface area. Perhaps the biggest drawback of RDAs is the limited capacity of their wells that only store a few puffs worth of e-liquid. This forces users to constantly drip e-liquid into the atomizer to maintain its moisture and avoid dry hits.

TFV12 Prince Cobra Edition Sub Ohm Tank by Smok


On the other hand, sub-ohm tanks provide adequate e-liquid storage. However, the biggest drawback of these tanks is their inhibited airflow and coil surface area that make cloud chasing less optimal. Using a sub-ohm tank often implies settling for tiny, unimpressive vapor clouds.

Squonk mods allow users to enjoy the best of both worlds, with the e-liquid storage capacity of a sub-ohm tank and the vapor production ability of an RDA in one device. Using a squonk mod allows you to produce massive vapor clouds without constantly worrying about bottle refills thanks to its 7 ml or larger internal bottles.

Less Leaking

As mentioned earlier, dripping is very inconvenient. Not only will you have to carry bottles of e-liquid wherever you go, but you will also find it nearly impossible when performing other activities, e.g., driving. This is without mentioning how messy dripping can be. For instance, leaving your device lying on its side is a sure way of finding a puddle of e-liquid next time you wish to vape.

A-Priv 225W Box Mod by Smok



Squonk mods are a much cleaner alternative since they prevent any chances of leaking. By squeezing and releasing the bottle, you form a vacuum that discharges excess vape liquid from the atomizer's drip well. Leaks will remain a thing of the past so long as you never squeeze the bottle too hard.

Large Vape Bottles

Regular bottle tanks often hold up to 5 ml of vape solution. This quantity is not a lot by any measure, and most vapers can deplete it quickly. Squonk mods provide enough capacity to satisfy even the most seasoned vapers. With the ability to hold at least 7 ml, squonk mods allow users to carry more vape liquid in a convenient, all-in-one package.

Uncompromised Vapor Production and Flavor

Some experienced vapers may not be entirely convinced that a modded vape can deliver the same amount of vapor production and flavor as a regular vape. This concern is understandable considering some mods reduce the quantity of vapor and richness of flavor that a vape could otherwise provide.


SMOK MAG 225W Starter Kit


Unlike these mods, squonk mods ensure that users do not experience any flavor loss when they vape. Similarly, vapor production remains more or less the same, implying that squonk mods do not hinder the vaping experience.

Is Squonking Right for Me?

Ultimately, the decision to use a squonk mod or not will depend on what you seek to achieve from your vaping experience. If you are relatively new to vaping, we would recommend starting with regular tanks that are easier to use before proceeding to squonk-related mods. However, if you are a regular vaper who likes to try new things, you should try using a squonk mod. After all, would it not be nice to have a convenient solution for vaping on the go with vapor production and flavor similar to regular vape devices?