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What Is Vaper’s Tongue And What Can You Do About It?

Vaper’s tongue, sometimes also known as vaper’s fatigue, is a blanket term for all taste-related vaping ailments. Usually this means that the vaper loses most of his or her ability to taste. The ailment can be the result of something as harmless as having used the same liquid flavor for too long, or as harmful as damaged taste buds on your tongue.

While the symptoms of vaper’s tongue doesn’t typically last very long, as a regular vaper it’s important for you to know the signs that you might be experiencing it and, furthermore, what works in order to have the symptoms pass as quickly as possible.

First, though, we will discuss what causes the syndrome of vaper’s tongue before moving onto the ways recommended to deal with the symptoms on your own.

5 Possible Reasons

  • Vaping The Same Flavor For Too Long

  • This doesn’t necessarily have a scientific or researched explanation, I’ve noticed in my own personal vaping experience that if I am vaping the same flavor for too long, then it’s more likely to cause vaper’s tongue. There are plenty of different types of flavors and it’s just better to keep them switching up and avoiding this ailment.

  • Recently Quit Cigarettes

  • A heavily debated theory: vaper’s tongue is caused potentially by cigarettes damaging your tongue’s taste buds. The argument is that some taste buds are damaged smoking cigarettes and vaper’s tongue occurs as a result of that damage. This is why vaper's tongue is most commonly experienced by recent converts, and increasingly rare for people who've been vaping exclusively for six months or more.

  • Dehydration

  • Not having enough water can mess up a lot of the inner workings of your body. Other symptoms may include dry mouth, which is also known to cause vaper’s tongue. These symptoms may be accompanied by headaches, tiredness, and darker urine. Blocked noses also may contribute to vaper’s tongue and vaper’s fatigue.

    Remember, the visible vapor you're exhaling, while it does contain trace amounts of flavor compound and (possibly) nicotine, is mostly made up of water vapor extracted from your mouth and throat. Vaping is a dehydrating activity in and of itself, so remember to drink plenty of water, especially before and during periods you might be vaping heavily (all the more reason to rotate between water and cocktails during a night out drinking).

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Here's another common cause or symptom of a multitude of ailments, including a change or lessening of taste, which can result in vaper’s tongue. Never underestimate the power of stress or anxiety as the reason for your change in sensitivity to physical sensation.  

  • Medicine

  • Different prescribed medicines can create imbalances in your internal physical systems, and some in particular, can cause loss of taste. The prescription drugs most commonly associated with these side effects including thyroid medicine, penicillamine, and drugs for cancer. Check the labels and side effects of prescribed medicine and it could explain your vaper’s tongue.

    5 Suggested Cures

  • Change The Flavor

  • If your vaper’s tongue is caused by vaping the same flavor for too long, a simple solution to that cause is to change the flavor. There are hundreds of flavors available for any serious vaper. At Breazy, you can peruse the over 350+ flavors available for any vaper’s budget.

  • Drink Water

  • This may seem like an obvious or oversimplified solution, but if your lack of taste on your tongue is caused by dehydration, it may be the only thing that you need to get over it.

  • Inhale The Smell Of Coffee Beans

  • It’s unclear how this exactly helps the afflicted vaper, but it’s been known to clear the palette of professional wine-tasters and perfume samplers, and “resets” the taste buds.  

  • Suck On A Lemon

  • A similar case to smelling coffee beans, sucking on a lemon supposedly resets the taste buds and makes them sensitive to taste again. This is a bit of an “old wives tale” which is cheap and couldn’t hurt anyone afflicted with vaper’s tongue to try - but try to keep the lemon off your teeth, the acid is bad for their enamel.

  • Wait

  • The last resort is to just wait it out. In the worst case, a vaper’s tongue has damaged taste buds. However, those damaged cells replace themselve over the course of two weeks, and by that point, your vaper’s tongue should be gone. In all reality, setting your vape down for just an hour or two and coming back fully hydrated usually works wonders.