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Why Is My Vape Hot?

Why Is My Vape Hot


Vaping is the simulated act of smoking with an electronic device. It is one of the best solutions for individuals who are nicotine or tobacco-dependent. When the battery powers the coil, the vapor is produced. Some of this energy turns to heat in the process.

Vaping generates heat as a result of the electronic nature of the device. If you observe that the temperature is higher than expected, you would need to adjust. 


Why Is My Vape Hot?


If you are new to vaping, then excessive heating may make you uneasy. While something going wrong while vaping is uncommon, it does happen.

The Vape Process

When you use a vape, it must be hot to heat the e-liquid and create vapor. This process will generate an acceptable level of heat, but then there is a problem. For example, you can say the vape pen is too hot if your finger grazes the edge and you quickly pull your finger away. 

In most instances, when your vape heats up, there is likely no need for concern. However, if the feeling that something is wrong persists, then it is worth investigating to find out "why is my vape hot?"

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What Are The Hot Parts And How Does It Get Hot?

Identifying the source of the heat problem is the best way to resolve it. More often than not, the problem is with the Tank or battery. Since one point radiates heat to other locations, determining the hot spot is not always easy. 

Try feeling the vape at different points to find the hottest area. If the spot is too hot to rest briefly, it can signify an underlying problem. 

You must address any problems with the battery immediately to avoid an explosion; although this is a rare occurrence, it is possible. Let's look at some causes of a hot vape and some practical solutions.

Reasons for Hot Vapes and Possible Solutions

- Size of the Airflow Holes

Wide holes create substantial clouds of vapor. Some vapers prefer to keep their air holes closed to avoid inhaling so much air; however, closing their results in a loss of fresh air. As a result, the coil heats up, and the vape becomes hot. Therefore, if you decide to reduce the airflow in your Tank, you must also reduce the wattage.

- Solution

You don't have to reduce your wattage; however, you have a secondary airflow tank. Since the secondary hole reduces the vapor's temperature quickly.

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- A High Mass Coil

When using a coil with a high metal mass, a high wattage is required to heat it. However, due to the coil's high mass, it retains heat for an extended period even when the fire button is not pressed.

- Solution

If you vape for long periods, you will feel your vape get overly warm as you continue. Allow your coil to cool down before you vape again. The second is to aim for a coil with less metal mass, but that still gets the job done.

- Coil's Hot Spot

A hot spot is the part of the coil that is brighter than the surrounding areas. This hot spot could be due to the coil wraps being spaced unevenly. Vapor from a coil with these hot spots will be hotter and harsher. The result is a negative experience because it will leave an irritating taste in the mouth.

- Solution

This can be avoided by compressing or stretching the coil wrap with ceramic tweezers.

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- Chain Vaping

A chain vaper is someone who takes frequent short puffs while chain vaping. Chain vaping stops your wick from absorbing enough vapor before your next drag, which can cause your wick to burn.

Also, because of the high volume of use, your atomizer will overheat, causing your vape to feel hot when you inhale it. It could end up damaging the coil.

- Solution

The best way to avoid this is to allow time for the wick to saturate itself before puffing again. On the contrary, a hot spot could be caused by your coil making contact with the inner wall of your RDA. This contact will occur when the top portion of the RDA is replaced.

- Metal Mouthpiece in the Tank

Although it is no longer common, many manufacturers produced tanks with stainless steel drip tips a few years ago. Their metal mouthpieces would become extremely hot.

- Solution

Because plastic does not conduct electricity or heat, you can easily solve this using a plastic mouthpiece.

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- Coil Gunk

Occasionally, your coil may become clogged and fail to absorb the vape juice properly. The result could generate heat in the coil. If your vaping device isn't heating and evaporating the e-liquid produced, the temperature will rise much faster. You will probably get dry puffs because the wick might burn as well.

- Solution

If you have a problem with gunk, you can resolve it with a new coil. However, if you want to keep using the coil, ensure that it is properly cleaned. Soak it in water. When cleaning, be sure to clean all gunky vape juice and allow the coil to dry out completely.

- E-juice Flow Restriction

When e-juice flow is restricted, it may be due to the thickness of the juice or the Tank's design. People who enjoy a thicker e-liquid may encounter this issue when using e-juices with high VG content

A few devices have tanks for the liquid flow that you can adjust. Using these, you can seal the wick to the Tank's connection. Setting it too low restricts juice flow and results in less wicking, which causes your vape to overheat.

- Solution

Open the control so that liquid can flow. Additionally, if you want to continue using a high VG liquid, you can use a sub-ohm tank. You can use a lower VG liquid in the Tank or reduce the amount of VG in the liquid.

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- Hot batteries

When your vape gets hot, it's usually not the battery that's the issue. As such, an infrequent event could occur, and the battery might fail. Electronic cigarette batteries are built to handle temperatures between 600 and 900 degrees. 

While the battery is in use, its internal temperature can be even higher. Internal temperatures should not exceed 780C.

- Solution

Put your vape away from combustible materials. Disconnect the vape tank's battery. You can do nothing besides getting a replacement.

Final Thoughts

If your vaping device is too hot, discontinue use. You should never use a device that is overheated because it can be problematic. In the event it overheats, It is best to place it in a dark, cool location. As a result, the device will likely go back to its normal temperature. 

If it does not, you're now aware of some simple ways to determine why your device is overheating and some possible solutions so you can get back to vaping in no time.