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Best Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers

Best Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers

Cartomizers are one of the most popular liquid delivery systems in electronic cigarettes to deliver e liquid to the heating coil. Cartomizers are an ideal choice when using e cigarettes that operate at high voltage. Apart from the convenience, another benefit of using the best electronic cigarette cartomizer with a high-voltage mod is that it stays wet enough so that your device works without leaking. So following are the top choices when it comes to cartomizer types available today.

Polyfill Cartomizers

The most common, best electronic cigarette cartomizer type available today is the polyfill design. This model is used by every e cig company that sells pre-filled cartomizers and is earliest cartomizer design. Polyfill cartomizers contain a center tube with a vertical heating coil, a wick, and is wrapped in layers of gauze. The wick is saturated by the gauze; the liquid is vaporized by the heating coil, and it is then sent out to the top tube. Polyfill cartomizers are easy to fill, durable, operate at high voltages, and are reliable.


Polyfill Cartomizers
Polyfill Cartomizers

Wick Feeding Cartomizers With Top Coil

The best electronic cigarette wick feeding cartomizers can hold about 10 ml of e-cig liquid and have a horizontal heating coil at the top with two wicks leading to it. Although these cartomizers can come in opaque versions, the clear versions let you see how much liquid is in the tank. However, with clear cartomizers, only rubber drip tips work well because they prevent cracking. The vapor produced by these cartomizers tends to be very hot because the heating coil is on top. One problem with these cartomizers is that their wicks are at times not reliable.


Wick Feeding Cartomizers With Top Coil
Wick Feeding Cartomizers With Top Coil

Gravity Feeding Cartomizers With Bottom Coil

Gravity feeding cartomizers work with gravity since the heating coil is placed at the bottom. This type of design is usually a small chamber with a wick that pokes through to the liquid tank contains the heating coil. The best electronic cigarette gravity feeding cartomizers are reliable as long as there is enough liquid in them to keep the wick moist. Unlike other cartomizers, they are considered safer because they do not have fiberglass wicks and do not contain a solder. However, the liquid can at times clog the long vapor tubes, which may can it to gurgle and decrease vapor production.


Gravity Feeding Cartomizers With Bottom Coil
Gravity Feeding Cartomizers With bottom Coil

Dual-Coil Cartomizers

Cartomizers with a single heating coil are good, but those with double coils are even better. Dual-coil cartomizers vaporize the e-cig liquid at the same time that the battery is activated because of the two heating coils. However, to get the best performance, enough voltage has to be supplied to power both coils through a large batter mod. The performance of the best electronic cigarette dual-coil cartomizer may disappoint if the battery is not powerful enough. Battery mods that can power dual-coil cartomizers up to at least 4 to 5 volts are an ideal choice.


Pros vs. single coil: faster production, denser clouds


Dual-Coil Cartomizers
Dual-Coil Cartomizers


Tank Cartomizers


Tank cartomizers are similar to polyfill cartomizers but with a greater capacity because they are submerged in an acrylic tube. These cartomizers contain a hole through which the e-cig liquid seeps into the polyfill from the tank, keep coil(s) moist. The best electronic cigarette tank cartomizers can hold up to 7 ml of e-cig liquid or even more. Despite their greater capacity, these cartomizers can be unreliable at times because of problems such as failing to feed or leakage.


What is a Cartomizer?


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