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Vaporizer Cigarette: E Cigarettes For Dummies

What Is a Vaporizer Cigarette?

 Vaporizer Cigarette E Cigarettes For Dummies  - Vape Guides



A vaporizer cigarette is simply a battery, an atomizer, and a tank. An atomizer is a heating element that clips onto the tank. The atomizer and tank screw onto the battery for power. The tank holds the e-liquid that contains the nicotine and flavoring. When the battery powers the atomizer, it heats the liquid and converts it into a vapor. As you draw on the tip the vapor comes out, and it resembles smoke! The liquid comes in all kinds of different flavors. If you want something that tastes like tobacco, they have that. Or if you want something with a fruity flavor they have that as well! If you can think of a flavor, most likely it has been made! The liquids vary by nicotine content.  You can buy liquid with no nicotine, or up to around 24mg of nicotine. These days we also have salt nic vape juice options for pod mods. These offer a higher nicotine concentration and a very stealthy vape experience. Many people start on the higher end and slowly work their way down.


OK, I'm Bored of My Vaporizer Cigarette... What's Next?


We know that with so many options, sometimes it feels impossible finding the right vaporizer cigarette. It does depend on what you are looking for in your vaporizer cigarette. There are pens that look like the real thing and are similar in size, then there are more customizable batteries and "mods" that are re-usable. Many people are moving away from the gas station bought options and more towards the more advanced version because they are easy to use, offer more flavor selection, and can be cheaper. The more advanced and customizable pens have replaceable wicks and coils for the atomizer when they go bad. Instead of throwing out the whole pen, you just replace those elements. You can also find many options with these pens. Some get very large, some are multivariable voltage, and some have fancy colors. You can replace the tanks to hold more liquid as well.


Basic Vaporizer Cigarette


Best Ecig Vaporizer


The best ecig vaporizer is the one that fits within your budget and needs. We have a very robust and detailed vape education section that wills surely help you understand your options and help you narrow down which vape kit, vape tank, and vape juice are right for you.

Vaping Pen


NORD AIO Kit by Smoktech

 Vape Pens are typically what draws the attention of most first time vapers. The tubular shape seems more natural and often it only requires a button press to get things in motion. Smoktech for example has a number of the highest rated vape pens you can find. Check our Smoktech collection to browse what they have to offer .



 Start Vaping!


My best advice is to start with some sort of vaporizer cigarette kit or vaping pen at the beginning. If you like the vaping experience, you can then move on to more advanced devices! There are so any options out there to choose from. It can be a very fun hobby creating your device and all the options that go along with them.