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5 Safety Tips For Vaping Users Of All Levels


Vaporizers burn an oil-like substance on a wire coil to create a clean (and oftentimes tasty) vapor- not smoke. There are safety tips all vapers should keep in mind while enjoying their e-cigarettes.

Safety Tip #1: Replace Your Atomizer Regularly

It can be tempting to continue to use a dirty or damaged atomizer past its prime to save some money. While vaping’s considerably cheaper than cigarettes or other tobacco products, they do require regular maintenance and part replacement. A dirty or broken atomizer is usually characterized by a burnt taste or depleted vapor pull. Continued use of a dirty atomizer not only hurts the vaping experience, it introduces carbon to the vapor which’s more harmful than clean vapor. When your vapor begins to taste burnt, replace your atomizer.

Safety Tip #2:  DO NOT Attempt Self-Repairs

Adept vaping users might be able to repair their own parts themselves. While this is a great way to save money, it requires skills and tools that many don’t possess. DO NOT attempt to replace your wick or atomizer coil if you haven't done thorough research. A poor fix job could result in damage to your tank or battery. In some cases, poor repairs can even result in fire, which no body wants.

Safety Tip #3: DO NOT Leave Your Battery Charging Unattended

It might seem crazy to sit by your battery as it charges, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. Battery fires can occur if left charging overnight or for days on end. Make sure your charger includes an indicator light so you know when to unplug it. Not only does this protect your home from a potential fire, it helps your battery life- prolonged overcharging limits your batteries ability to hold a charge.

Safety Tip #4:  You May Not Want to Penny Pinch When it comes to Buying Parts

If it's too good to be true, it probably is. When you buy cheap parts, you not only risk receiving faulty merchandize, you could be putting yourself at risk. If a product is 50% less than the market average for the part, don't take the risk. Cheap batteries are more likely to catch fire or heat up rapidly. Cheap atomizers present a higher risk of burning the wick- another fire hazard.

Safety Tip #5: DO NOT Dry Burn Your Atomizer Excessively

Many vaping users will say the best way to clean an atomizer is to do what's called a "dry burn". This involves emptying the tank of e-juice and putting a current through your atomizer. While this can be a good way to clean off a corroded coil, it can also be dangerous. Dry burning for too long can burn your coil, or even worse, cause it to rupture and send white hot metal flying. Dry burning can also cause your battery to heat up drastically, increasing the battery and putting you at risk for an acid leak.

We hope these 5 safety tips help you if you’re new to vaping or have been doing it for a while now.