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The Vaping Lingo

Keep Calm

Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular, and with that there’s a certain language and terms a vaper will use when referring to them. References made to the electronic cigarette may also be called "vaping lingo".

Before we get into some of the lingo, just a quick background on electronic cigarettes. They’re powered by a battery which in turn produces inhaled amounts of nicotine by way of a vaporized solution (e-liquid/e-juice). Due to the fact that e-cigarettes produce vapor, when a person uses this device, they’re technically “vaping”.

If you’re using or plan on using electronic cigarettes, it’s important to understand everything there’s to know about the product. Check out our blogs, our About Us page, or even feel free to give us a call and we can help answer any questions you might have.


Other Vaping Lingo

Cig-alike: This is e-cig style that looks a lot similar to a traditional cigarette.

Cartomizer: A combination of an atomizer and cartridge. The cartomizer holds a larger amount of liquid than a traditional cartridge. A cartomizer will normally not last as long as a traditional cartridge.

AVD: Abbreviation for Advanced Personal Vaporizer.

Personal Vaporizer: An electronic type unit that turns the liquid substance into a vapor. Liquid must be turned into a vapor in order to be vaped.

Cartridge: A device that holds the e-liquid. The cartridge of course is refilled when it’s empty. An empty cartridge is referred to as a blank.

Tank: A juice delivery system that uses a variety of different methods to get liquid to an atomizer to be warmed then vaped.

Bridge: Small “V” shaped covering which sits on top of the heating coil of most atomizers. A bridge in some cases may also be “U” shaped.

The term "dry smoking" is used frequently by e-cigarette users. It’s the process of vaping without a cartridge.

Dry Vaping: Vaping without the use of a cartridge usually done when the atomizer is well soaked with liquid.

Glycerin: Found within the e-liquid and’s responsible for the sweet taste.

Propylene Glycol or PG is an odorless, colorless liquid with a somewhat sweet taste. The PG solution is mixed or combined with nicotine and then flavored to make the e-liquid.

Drip Tips: This is a mouthpiece that’s needed for dripping, which connects directly to the atomizer.

MAH: Abbreviation for Milliamps Per Hour

Throat Hit: Feeling in your throat that you receive from traditional cigarettes.

RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer): These are your more advanced systems. Intended not for the beginning vaping user. The atomizer section is rebuilt by you taking the raw materials - making your own wicks and coils.


There’s more vaping lingo out there, so feel free to share that with us. The more the better.