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Brush Up On the Current Flying Vaping Laws


Vacation season has officially begun. If you plan on doing a lot of flying this summer, it’s a wise move to brush up on the current vaping laws.

Pack Your Vaping Device in Your Carry-On Suitcase

The FAA strongly recommends keeping your vaping device of any sort in your carry-on. This is because the lithium-ion battery can become unstable if placed in an area that isn’t pressurized. It’s like the saying goes, "it’s always better to be safe than sorry". Besides, the only thing worse than having the airline lose your luggage is knowing that your e-cigarette was in that luggage.

Accessible Vaporizers

On the off-chance that the TSA agent hasn’t seen a vaporizer or MOD before, a simple explanation will speed things up. Also, you should place it in a clear zip lock bag like you would with your other bottles of liquids and such to place through their machines.

Avoid Flying with a Full Tank of E-Liquid

Any liquid can leak at high altitudes, so it’s a smart idea to place your e-liquid separately. Since all sized bottles are well under the limit for what can be taken onto the plane, you can bring the bottle in your carry-on with no issue.

Vaping on the Plane is Prohibited

Federal legislation restricting vaping use on-board an aircraft is still pending, but every major airline in the U.S. has a strict ban on in-flight vaping. Violating this ban could put you on the no-fly list or get you arrested. There have even been instances where the pilot has turned the plane around.

One a side note, you should bring extra batteries, chargers and a surplus of e-liquids any time you travel out of town. You want to spend your time relaxing and enjoying yourself after all. And one of the last things you want to be doing is looking for vaping supplies. Having extras will give your trip that extra relaxation and pleasure you deserve.