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What Is The Ego Cigarette All About?

The wave of electronic cigarettes is in full swing and the world is becoming more intrigued with the healthier approach to a dangerous habit. But as with everything else in terms of technology, it was only a matter of time before e-cigarettes went through another revolution. Everyone who tried the healthier alternative when they were first made available had their doubts. A big portion of smokers made the transition, but there still remained many unsatisfied customers. For everyone seeking greater satisfaction from e-cigs, the answer is simple, Ego Cigarette. Also known as the basic personal vaporizer, it is the revolution people have been waiting for and it's powerful enough to convert the biggest skeptic.

Ego Cigarettes are the result of great testing. Developers paid attention to what users were saying and they took it all into consideration, then the new brand of electronic cigarettes was born. Everything from the power, throat-hit and experience to the batteries have been adjusted to make sure current users are more than happy for making the change. But more importantly, tobacco smokers simply won't be able to resist once they give them a try.

What makes the Electronic Cigarette Better?

Aside from smelling better and their ease of use? It's success rate, flatly put the success rate of the electronic cigarette. The internet is full of stories of successful ex-smokers who successfully transitioned using the electronic cigarettes available to market. Many of these stories also include the drastic changes to health and overall life quality. Tons of these stories include "I smoked for 20 plus years" or "I was a two pack a day smoker". Walk down the street of any major city and you will surely see someone with an electronic cigarette sooner or later. Stop them and ask them about vaping they will be more than happy to inform you thoroughly. Those who vape know the process and can tell you exactly when they put down their last traditional cigarette. E-cig's are cost effective, come in varying degrees of expertise, and is completely customizable to suit your individual needs.

How do they Work?

Vape pens, e-cigs, vape kits, etc come in many shapes and sizes. Entry level usually sticks to two particular styles. The first being the cigalike which is shaped to feel like a cigarette in your hand. The second is the vape pen, the vape pen consists of two parts. A mod which is the power source and a tank which is powered by the power source when a button is pressed and converts e-juice into vapor. Intermediate users normally lean towards box mods which are chip regulated boxes that house amperage rated batteries and put out significantly more power than entry level power sources. Intermediate and advanced users normally lean towards two styled of vapor production styles. One is a tank like the beginner one but with several new features. One these tanks are capable of handling wattage up to 100 watts and they are called sub ohm tanks as reference I post an image of a sub ohm tank called The Herakles. These tanks require replacement coils that come in packs of five and should be changed every 7 to 10 days. These coils include housing, kanthal which forms the coil, and Japanese cotton that soaks up the e-liquid and delivers it to the heated  at a pace. The next option is what is called the RBA, Rebuildable Atomizer, these require you to take kanthal wire and produce your own coils. This option is quite cost effective in the long run but requires expertise, patience, and an understanding of Ohm's law. Always make sure your device is capable of handling the coil you use at all times for safety.  Last we have the Rebuildable Deck Atomizer or RDA as it is most commonly referred. The RDA consists of a hollow chamber with three or four posts that you mount coils to, the coils are the same as in an RBA. Once the coil and the Japanese cotton are in place you pour drops directly onto the cotton and then proceed to vape. The benefit of this set up is that you taste the e-juice more naturally and your volume of cloud grows at a greater rate. This final setup allows you to switch flavors within a matter of puffs and not having to wait for your tank to run out of juice.

There is no question that the Ego Cigarette is going to continue to carry the torch for electronic alternatives all over the world. At the moment it is the most satisfying product on the market and even hardcore tobacco users will be able to testify to this.