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What Exactly Happens With An Electronic Cigarette?

What Exactly Happens With An Electronic Cigarette?

So what exactly happens with an electronic cigarette? You have probably heard about them and there is a good chance that you will have come across advertisements related to them, but do you know that much about them?

The Basics Of Vapor Cigarettes:

If we strip it back to the absolute basics, then what you have is a cigarette that delivers that all important nicotine hit, but without all of those nasty additional chemicals that appear in a normal cigarette. The fact that they use a vapor also means that what you perceive to be smoke is actually just water vapor and that is why a number of countries actually allow them to be used indoors even though other forms of smoking are banned.

With these cigarettes you will find that they tend to come in either two or three sections, depending on the brand, whereby one section is the battery to power it, another section is the liquid cartridge, and the third section is the end of the electronic cigarette that can take the form of various designs.

The Liquid Cartridge:

We need to actually discuss the liquid cartridge in a bit more detail. These cartridges not only come in different strengths, but also a wide variety of flavors. With the strength we are of course talking about the amount of nicotine that appears in it because most companies that manufacture vapor cigarettes will provide you with a sliding scale of levels of nicotine depending on your previous smoking habit. This means that if you smoked full strength cigarettes, then you can go for say 24mg of nicotine. However, if you smoked lites, then the 6mg would be better. You will also discover that various brands also produce nicotine free cartridges for those people that are still addicted to the motion rather than the actual nicotine.
Finally, we should mention the flavors as it goes beyond different types of tobacco or menthol. You will find that there are all kinds of exotic tastes, whilst others are bizarre such as bubble gum, and the idea is that it just gives you a different taste whilst smoking.

Do They Work?

This is the big question and the short answer is that yes they do work. If you use a cartridge that is capable of providing you with the nicotine hit that you want, then you get that familiar feeling as it enters your bloodstream. You will also notice your craving will disappear and this is all the evidence that you need that these vapor cigarettes do indeed work. Oh, and they also work out cheaper than the usual form of smoking.

So what do you do now? Well, if you are new to this type of smoking, then you are recommended to go ahead and buy a starter pack. This will contain all that you need from the cigarette itself to cartridges, to batteries, a charger, and a case to keep it all in. The best part is that it is very easy to get refills and you will certainly enjoy a completely different smoking experience.

There is a reason why the market for vapor cigarettes is continually expanding, but the only way you will fully understand the reason why is by joining the huge number of people that have switched to vaping.