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Bad Drip E Liquid Review


Bad Drip is so much more than just eye catching packaging! The folks behind Bad Drip knew that once they had your attention the product itself had to have some real substance behind it. With a crowded field of competing e juice brands, packaging just isn't enough. These guys took the same approach to their juice line as they have to marketing. Make it stand out and they will try it… the result is a marvel of packaging and quality. Let's discuss some of my favorite entries into this e-juice line.


Bad Blood: Now that's a name that jumps out at you for sure but I am also a sucker for berry related e-juice. Bad Blood is a combination of Pomegranates, Blueberries, and Vanilla. Now one thing I have usually found with vanilla infused fruit eliquid is that I get bored of them easily because the flavor is just too loud. Not this one, Bad Blood has a nice consistency of just the right amount of vanilla to keep my fruit loving self happy. I would say that vanilla is actually in this to add support in terms of sweetness and not to destroy the presence of the fruit itself, which is a nice change of pace.


Ugly Butter: I'm no fan of the Banana in a vaping rotation, usually I am the type to give you three puffs to pass my test or you flat out fail. So with a name like Ugly Butter I had no idea what to expect, Banana Pudding, Cinnamon, and Sugar. Two of three flavors I like so it was worth a shot to try this out, 4.2 ml's later I was reflecting on the fact I had vaped straight through an entire tank full of this juice. The name may be off putting but for a Banana flavor this was really well done, I do believe that by adding the spice of cinnamon to this Bad Drip took this and turned it into something special. It's not an over the top cinnamon but just enough to make this taste like something fresh out of a bakers kitchen. As a non-fan of Banana I really enjoyed the Banana in this because it was definitely not over pronounced like in other brands I have tried in the past.


Cereal Trip: I will not name names but I saw other juice makers vaping away on this stuff at Vape Expo New Jersey in early July. I think that's a great compliment to any juice maker, if your rival respects your stuff so much as to come over sit at your booth and vape on your cereal then you have something magical on your hands. It was one of those things that drew my attention to Bad Drip, so being the cereal vape fanatic I am I had to see what it was that would draw in rivals so openly. I'm not sure how these guys got the milk flavor in this juice so right but they did, in other juices you taste such heavy hazelnut its almost like you are vaping a fruity eggnog instead of a cereal. This was an actual milk flavor without the nuttiness or the egg like taste I've experienced with others. While the fruity cereal by itself would compare to many others it is the milk base that completely set this apart from all of the other fruit loops and fruity pebbles juices in the game. As a cereal vaper it's probably for the best I have to taste hundreds of juices otherwise I may have developed an incurable ADV love for this. Now if only we could get them to make more cereal flavors...hope you are reading Bad Drip!


Farley's Gnarley: I've only tried one successful bubblegum flavor in my several years vaping, it is not easy accomplishment to pull off the flavor of bubblegum, especially with fruit. Bad Drip took two tangy fruits in Kiwi and Strawberry and made a gum based flavor out of it. How? Well if I could answer how they managed that I would probably have a lab somewhere in the west coast churning out bottles myself. The thing here is that by targeting tangy fruit it keeps your mouth watering and the contrast in kiwi and strawberry, makes this taste like one of the fruitiest gums you can find at a candy shop. I wish they had thrown cherries in this mix which would've really taken this over the top.


Bad Drip is on to something great, I hope that they continue to expand their line and start messing around with additional fruit flavors and start challenging other flavor categories directly. This is a company that is in the game for the long haul and has already force the world to take notice!