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Top 10 E Liquids For September 2015

Bluedoe by Dripboy: Dripboy already had our attention with it's Rabbix cereal flavor e liquid, so when Bluedoe was released we knew we had to check it out. Bluedoe brings you a blueberry donut flavor that is so clean and free of throat hit that it is easily the smoothest all day vape you can find. Bluedoe eliquid is crafted using an amazing blueberry extract that delivers the closest replica of the actual fruit itself. At the price of $21.99 for 50ml of this juice it also joins the category of best cost to experience juices.


MYLK: This was our favorite ejuice from ECC 2015, which has finally started shipping and is now in stock at Breazy.com. MYLK takes the sweetness of condensed milk and turns it on its head. Picking between MYLK Original e liquid and MYLK Strawberry e liquid is a battle all itself. MYLK takes our love of all things sweet and raises it to levels vaping has never achieved. A natural smelling and tasting condensed milk flavor makes this one near impossible to stop vaping. It joins our top 10 in September for its uniqueness and comes with a warning. Make sure you buy enough of this to hold you over because as expected this juice is selling at record speeds.


Dewwy Boba: Dewwy Boba was the follow up to the heavily awarded Jazzy Boba tea flavored e liquid, it follows the same recipe with a spin, including honeydew melon. Taking an already tried and perfected recipe and improving it makes Dewwy Boba an exciting tea flavored e juice with a ton of flavor and now a fruity natural sweetness. Dewwy Boba joins our top 10 for September because there is nothing like it available and its quality makes it a winner in our book.


Drops Ahoy: Drops Ahoy e liquid brings one of the most recognized snacks in the world straight into our tanks and RDAs. Rarely has vaping gotten snacking so right on the nose and rarely has vaping delivered us such perfection with the use of chocolate. Drops Ahoy takes the Chips Ahoy cookie and liquefies it into a max VG ejuice recipe that makes it easily an all day vape with harsh attack on the throat. Drops Ahoy gets chocolate so right that it is worthy of vaping even if you aren't in it for the cookie flavor but just a fan of chocolate. For the mastery of mixing involved in this, for its high complexity, and for nailing chocolate so well Drops Ahoy joins our September top 10.

DRPN Donuts: If I had to pick a single flavor from this line my head would probably explode. Not only does DRPN Donuts e liquid offer a barrage of amazing flavors they are all equally delicious. Personally I can rotate all three flavors within the span of a day and not miss a beat. DRPN Donuts Bearclaw is a pastry while strawberry and blueberry are donuts and while those two fall under separate categories it's hard to pick one over the other. DRPN Donuts eliquid comes in a 60/40 VG/PG mixture which thank goodness is not ideal for dripping because if it was I would go through a 90ml of each a week. The juice vapes exceptionally well in both traditional 1+ ohm coils as well as in sub ohm.


Cereal Trip: Bad Drip e liquid first got our attention because of it's unique packaging as well as the branded rag that is included in all of it's packaging. What we found inside was even better than we could've imagined. Bad Drip Cereal Trip delivers on the promises of other cereals and because it's more of a dripping juice the flavors had to be perfected. The e juice works well in tanks such as the Herakles, TFV4, and Cyclone because they handle high VG exceptionally well but since the ejuice is created with drippers in mind there was like room for error. The results are one of the top 5 best cereal vapes ever released that has loyal customers of other brands reconsidering that loyalty.


Raging Donut: What do you get when you combine Fruity Pebbles and a glazed donut? A raging donut e liquid. This juice not only sounds interesting but upon first taste it creates an unbreakable love affair of epic proportions. Raging Donut would've been perfect as just a strawberry iced donut, that alone would've been more than good enough for me to love. The fact they tossed in the additional flavors of Fruity Pebbles made me love this juice from the moment I smelled it. What this combines into is what I will call the rainbow donut… because it honestly is a rainbow of flavors. I won't even spoil the experience for you by revealing how it all works out when you vape it but take my word on it that you have never ever vaped anything like this in your life.


Slurp: The indecision between choosing red or blue has never been a tougher choice. Slurp e liquid brings us the Slurpee experience in vaping form, with the option of choosing either cherry or blueberry. I don't know about you but I love both of those flavors and picking one almost feels like an insult to the other. Both bring a very satisfying flavor profile that doesn't come off as chemical or budget, this is premium mixing at it's finest. The one thing they left out with Slurp e juice is the brain freeze, which I greatly appreciate. The only thing that Slurp eliquid could to do improve their juice is combining these two flavors into one. Already a winner in my book this juice has a nice balance of flavor and cloud minus the throat hit.


Dunks: Dunks e liquid takes on the snack experience of the Dunkaroo brand many have come to love. Graham crackers frosted in a rich milky vanilla icing that just attracts your nose upon receiving the bottle. Dunks e juice is one of those flavors you may not be sold on upon hearing about it but once you get your hands on it, well then you've got a problem calculating exactly how long before you run out. Dunks eliquid nails the graham cracker flavor, instead of trying to overpower graham with cinnamon like so many other juice makers tend to do they give it more of a creamy undertone that give the graham more volume per flavor. If you love graham crackers and vanilla, or you've ever had a Dunkaroo snack you'll know why Dunks is part of our top 10 for September.



Symmetry Six: Five Pawns has always found a way of innovating its brand with a fresh entry when you least expect it. Symmetry Six e liquid follows that tradition yet stands in a place all it's own, easily taking the crown as the single best release by Five Pawns. Symmetry Six e juice is composed of sugared Rhubarb, vanilla ice cream, and oats. With that flavor combination Symmetry Six eliquid is arguably the best strawberry flavored e liquid one could find on the market right now. For it's amazing complexity, it's unique flavor, and it's tremendous quality Symmetry Six joins our top 10 for September.