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Top 5 Cereal E Liquids Of 2015

Breazy.com Top 5 Cereal E Liquids For 2016

2015 presented vapers with an explosion of cereal e-liquids options. Due to the glut of cereal vapes currently flooding the market, picking the right one can be rather a tedious and expensive proposition. Today, we'll list our top five cereal e-liquids as of early 2016. The selections that made our list were picked based on overall quality and consistency from one batch to the next.


Treasure Island V2 - Charlie Noble

Treasure Island V2 - Charlie Noble: Charlie Noble certainly doesn't disappoint, carrying a reputation as a very consistent producer of e-liquids at an affordable price point. This company produces one of the tastiest variants of fruity cereal e-liquids we've seen to date.With a 23/77 PG/VG ratio, Treasure Island V2 produces voluminous clouds matched by its potent flavor. This liquid provides users with an aftertaste that rotates between many different flavors, creating an enjoyable flavor experience that lingers.


Rabbix - Dripboy E Liquid

Rabbix - Dripboy: Rabbix offers a big bang for small bucks - you can get a  50ml bottle for the price of most 30ml bottles of e-liquid. This might mislead the user into thinking they're getting an inferior product. Stop right there! Rabbix not only delivers bonus e-liquid at a bargain price, but what's inside of that bottle is nothing short of amazing. Rabbix gives any Trix-type cereal-flavored e-liquid a run for its money, in most cases it bests the competition. Rabbix comes in a max-VG formula that does nothing to diminish flavor while providing awesome cloud production. Dollar for dollar, we think Rabbix offers  more flavor and better quality than any of its counterparts in the cereal category.


Mrs Berry - G2 Vapor

Mrs Berry - G2 Vapor: This is an e-liquid that's sparked considerable debate - which cereal does it remind you of? Personally, we find Mrs Berry by G2 Vapor to be closest to a frankenberry cereal. Others have compared it to Captain Crunch berries. All that aside, this is one heck of a strawberry-flavored e-liquid that comes in a 45ml bottle and stands alone as one of the most interesting strawberry vape juices you'll be able to get your hands on. Clocking in at 30/70 PG/VG means Mrs Berry is full of life, flavor, and cloud production. You'll vape this as much as you'll talk about it, that much we're sure of.


Milk Cereal - Kilo E Liquids

Cereal Milk - Kilo E-Liquids: If you're looking for an exceptional milky cereal flavorCereal Milk is where you want to land. Kilo infused a delicious sweet cream base with fruity notes that compliment their liquid to replicate that milk-at-the-bottom-of-the-cereal-bowl experience. Milkiness is the dominant flavor here, with the aftertaste a delicious experience that offers up a reminiscence of that milk that's left behind during the consumption of a bowl of cereal. Very good on cloud production, zero throat hit - that makes this a fun cereal liquid to vape.


100 grand - gemini vapors

100 Grand - Gemini Vapors: Cinnamon-flavored cereal vapes don't get the love they deserve largely because many people don't even know they exist. 100 Grand by Gemini Vapors is out to change all that by offering up a cereal e-liquid that delivers a perfect replica of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Right down to the milky notes, this cereal is rich in flavor, so much so that vapers' fatigue will have to take along-term holiday. Cinnamon can oftentimes be overpowering if used too heavily in e-liquids, but Gemini Vapors seems to have found the perfect balance.