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Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod Review

Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod Review

Touch screens have, over the last few years, integrated themselves as part of our everyday lives. From refrigerators to thermometers, they've simplified the way we experience technology. It's no surprise, then, that they have finally made their way into the vape mod marketplace. Sigelei, well known for innovative vaping hardware of the highest quality since their launch, takes another giant leap with the introduction of the world's first touch screen box mod, the "Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod."

Sigelei, being a trusted brand in vaping with a long track record of consistent quality, validates our taking a gamble on a touch screen device. Let's discuss a little more what you get with the Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod in order to separate hype from reality.

The Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod uses two high-drain 18650 cells with a continuous discharge rating of 20 amps or higher. Featuring a new curved-edge designed which is unique among other versions of box mods by Sigelei, it's square by nature but with a bit of flair on opposite ends, which creates a minimalist-styled designed similar to the logo on Smax E Liquid. The Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod features vent holes unlike anything we've seen ever before, there are approximately 30 at the base of the mod. This will help keep your batteries cooler at high wattage when chain-vaping. For the Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod, this is a key point due to the nature of its screen and how close in proximity it sits compared to other components that are likely to retain heat. The availability of these vent holes should put most people at ease when it comes to the Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod and its durability.

Running a finger over the edge of the screen allows you to feel the recessed edges of the screen, so scratching it will take quite a bit of work. We've got no word yet on the actual material used to manufacture the screen, or whether it's shatterproof, but I don't envision one would easily put the mod in such a predicament.

The Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod accepts coils with a minimum resistance of 0.2 ohms which, by today's standard, is pretty high. But for those of you who use pre-made coils, the limitation shouldn't be an issue. At the time of this review, we haven't tried the temperature control mode, so the minimal resistance in TC mode is something we will have to update you on in the future. What we can disclose about the TC mode is that you can preset your temperature within 200 and 600 Fahrenheit. The mod does support on-board micro-USB charging, and if the rumors are to be embraced future upgrades to the internal chip that power this device will also be handled through the charge port.

Overall, the Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod has a nice, natural hand fit, and it's considerably lighter than the Reuleaux Box Mod - closer to an Nebox if it were a dual battery mod, really. The performance on the Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod is exceptional, instead of trying to force feed us the 200-watts-on-two-batteries myth Sigelei realized that keeping this mod cool internally would provide a better overall experience to the consumer. Firing a Herakles Plus Sub Ohm Tank north of 90 watts was a true indicator as to how great this device is. By comparison, the experience we've had with other box mods is that they to surge towards that 90-watt mark. The Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod started exactly at that wattage and decreased as I got closer to the cutoff limitation. Instead of building towards my desired wattage, the Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod got me there instantly. For a chain vaper like myself, that makes all the difference in the world - getting a sudden rush of massive heat in the middle of an inhale is far from pleasant, having it taper off actually is. For the price, design, and features, the Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod will make for strong competition with just about any device currently available.