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Top 5 Cereal E Liquids Of March 2016

Breazy.com Top 5 Cereal E Liquids For March 2016

Finding the right cereal e-liquid for you can be a tedious task of filtering through countless options. Here at Breazy, we want to help you save some time and money in that process. So, from time to time, we compile these lists based on our previous reviews to help you make the best choice possible with regard to cereal vapes or any other category of flavor you might enjoy. Today, we'll be sharing some information on our best sellers, our highest-rated blends from our customers, and our own personal favorites to help you streamline your choices.


Byte - Binary ELiquid

Byte - Binary Eliquid: In the search for an excellent cereal vape, Byte brings a unique combination of flavors. By combining two different cereals with a milk base, Byte takes us into new territory. Byte features a combination of crunch berry cereal that features a heavy grain base with fruity notes, topped with a combination of fruit loopy flavor that brings the fruity essence in Byte full circle. Combined with a fresh milk, this liquid packs a ton of flavor without the dreaded lemony chemical taste often associated with fruity cereal flavorsByte stands out because of its flavor profile, and its 75% VG offers a foggy-yet-tasty experience.


Emperor's Krunch - Ronin E Liquid

Emperor's Krunch - Ronin E LiquidEmperor's Krunch stands on its own as a phenomenal fruity experience, but unlike other cereals this one guides blueberries and raspberries into a party of strawberry held over a grain-like base flavor with a creamy finish. When it comes to fruity notes, few do it better than Emperor's Krunch - by combining two extremely dominant flavors with a carrier base that projects them outward even more, Emperor's Krunch rises to the occasion when you need a vape that brings originality in composition to the table.


Fury - ANML Vapors

Fury - ANML Vapors: The latest product in the Phillip Rocke portfolio is this release from ANML, mixers that became a household name on the back of their fantastic line of liquids. Fury brings a solid corn flake experience to your vape, but not just any corn flake experience: this one is providing a sugar-coated, milky base to the profile. Side by side with the cereal that it is replicating, you can taste exceptional similarities in both flavor and creaminess within Fury. With its max-VG recipe, you can expect to find a smooth, creamy vape that doesn't wreck your throat but instead simply floats along ideally as an all-day-vape candidate. ANML doesn't do anything halfway - Fury is a true-to-life experience intended for the vaper that enjoys a sweet, creamy experience.


PB Cereal - Charlie Noble Admiral's Reserve

PB Cereal - Charlie Noble Admiral's ReservePB Cereal will always rank high in our estimation, not only because it nails budget pricing at $15.99 for 30ml, but because it delivers a genuinely original taste. PB Cereal has withstood the deluge of cereal-flavored liquid releases and stood tall, remaining in a league of its own. PB Cereal takes peanut butter extracts blended into a grainy base, then topping it off with milk might sound simple enough, but others who have tried to emulate this profile have failed miserably. PB Cereal grabs ahold of your senses and makes you a life-long fan of peanut butter cereal vaping practically from the first draw. Much like the rest of the line, it's exceptionally consistent from one batch to the next, making this cereal vape an excellent choice for anyone who likes peanut butter or simply seeks a cereal adventure.


Goon Drip - Vape Goons

Goon Drip - Vape Goons: While the name Goon Drip might not be the most appealing, the recipe inside the bottle is decidedly worthy of a second look. This graham-cracker-flavored cereal vape takes all the subtle notes you'd expect and places them at the tip of your tongue. In some ways, Goon Drip feels like you're vaping a cross between a cereal and a cookie, which we believe is fantastic. With its attention to cinnamon over a graham cracker base, Goon Drip never gets old and refreshes the senses with every puff you take. Cinnamon cleanses the pallet so that every puff feels and tastes as crisp as the first. What more could you ask for in a cereal-flavored vape juice?