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Top Donut E Liquid Flavors March 2016

Top donut flavored vape liquids of march 2016

When it comes to donut-flavored e-liquids, the options are boundless. It seems as though new product is popping up nearly every other day! Given the breadth of offerings that we've already got in our catalog, choosing the best of the best can turn into a tedious (not to mention expensive) task. Every now and then we like to share our top picks with our readers - let's give that a go, examining our top donut flavors for the month of March.


Bedrock - Ice Cream Donuts E Liquid

Bedrock - Ice Cream Donuts E LiquidBedrock combines three of our favorite things in the world: donuts, cereal, and vanilla ice cream into one deliciously-crafted vape juice. One thing we love about Bedrock is that it doesn't stray too far from its initial mission of delivering classic donut flavor. This liquid, while quite complex, keeps it simple on the consumption end of the deal. The donut flavor is rich and thick, while the vanilla bean ice cream adds creaminess and enhances the donut to provide a sweet backdrop melded with fruitiness to create Bedrock's masterpiece. This one ranks high for us because of its unique flavor profile and its attention to detail while working with such complex flavors.


Frosted Lemon Cream Donut - Crunchy Cream Donuts E Liquid

Frosted Lemon Cream Donut - Crunchy Cream Donuts E LiquidFrosted Lemon Cream Donut is certainly a mouthful of a name, and a tasty-sounding one at that. This is a finely-crafted donut vape that doesn't spend time playing games, getting right to work satisfying your flavor craving. Frosted Lemon Cream Donut takes lemon and jazzes it up with a sweet richness that manages not to rob it of its tartness. Overall, this liquid is a delicious donut flavor that's incomparable to anything in its flavor class. Often times, lemon is an underutilized resource in e-liquids, but Frosted Lemon Cream Donut shows us that perhaps it's time to reconsider that.


Donut Give Up - Doughboys Vaped Goods

Donut Give Up - Doughboys Vaped GoodsDonut Give Up lives up to its name, because this donut flavored vape juice just doesn't quit. Donut Give Up by Doughboys Vaped Goods features one of the sweetest vape profiles ever. The addition of caramel to Donut Give Up screams loudly when you taste it, only to be chased by a sea salt flavor, one which I hadn't previously experience in a vape juice. That said, it creates a perfect counter to the sweetness, keeping it from being cloying or overbearing. Donut Give Up presents a unique flavor experience that cannot be found in any other line of liquid. This is a donut flavor for those seeking something new and exciting. Donut Give Up also offers excellent bang for your buck.


The Doh - Alloy Blends Benchmark

The Doh - Alloy Blends BenchmarkThe Doh is one of those liquids that refuses to cease intoxicating your senses. With a rich custard pumped into a donut base with subtle notes of chocolate, there's plenty of flavor at work here. The Doh is a liquid that we found hard to put down, after 90 ml of this fantastic liquid in under a week I was sold, and will keep this liquid in my rotation as long as it's produced. When you want something sweet and consistent, nothing but The Doh will do. Just make sure you have proper ventilation when you vape The Doh because not only is it a delicious flavor, it really can fog up a room easily.


Family - The Neighborhood E Liquid

Family - The Neighborhood E Liquid: Family features another great donut base, this time paired with cascading cinnamon flavors that make every puff feel as crisp as the first. That's followed by an ice cream milkiness alongside caramel notes that make for a sweet vape juice that's larger than life. One catch with Family, though, is that it haunts you long after you put it down - its forceful attack of your senses causes a need to continually keep vaping it. With rich with flavor and a smooth throat hit, Family rounds out our top donut flavored e-liquids for this month.