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Accessorizing Your Vape

Accessorizing Your Vape

Do you like to accessorize? It seems like there are accessories for just about anything—and vapes are not excluded! How can I accessorize my vape, you ask? There are several ways that you can, so let’s explore a bit. Vape manufacturers have made it possible for even the smallest part of your vape to be customized, stylish, and unique.

I’m going to talk about a few of the easy and affordable ways you can customize your vape, whether you have a starter vape or a custom mod.


Vape Bands:

Vape bands are little silicone rings that slip over the glass tank of your vape. At first sight, you might think these guys have no real purpose except to advertise a vape company or just look cute. But let me tell you, these little guys can be a lifesaver for your tank! I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped my vape—especially when I used to use a stick instead of a mod, and ended up lucky enough to avoid a shattered-glass mess.

During my first trip to a vape shop, I was given one a band and told “You know, in case you drop it, it serves as a buffer to prevent the glass breaking.” Of course I thought I would be above dropping my new vape - wrong! I dropped it more than once, and ended up chipping the enamel coating pretty well until I finally broke the tank. And why? Because I didn’t heed the warning. Vape bands can prevent this from happening to you. Plus, they look cute, some say sassy things, and they come in every color possible. If you’d rather not have to pay for a replacement glass anytime soon, pop one of them on there. These can also prevent chipping the enamel or scratching if placed strategically on a piece that is coated or painted.



You wouldn’t neglect buying a protective case for your cell phone, so why shouldn’t you protect your vape? There are several options for cases, covers, and holders, and although these aren’t a life or death purchase, I feel better knowing that I keep my equipment housed safe and sound.

There are some great mod holders that come in different colors and patterns, all help with keeping your mod from getting scratched or damaged when you aren’t using it. Some of these holders even have room for a juice bottle or two, as well as a spare battery. These are perfect for everyday use, but if you aren’t one to use this sort of thing, at least invest in one of these for traveling! They are pretty inexpensive and will help keep your mod safe and portable for anytime you are on the go.

If you are interested in silicone covers, some brands offer these. There are also great protective sleeves out there in many colors. These are both awesome options if you wish to keep the outside of your vape mod from getting scratched, dinged, or damaged. Or maybe you just like the way it looks.


Drip Tips:

If you really want to get custom, there are different drip tips, or mouthpieces (back in the pre-clearomizer days people would actually drip liquid from a bottle directly onto the coils, kind of like a primitive RDA) that you can buy to replace the one that your tank came with. Just make sure that the measurements match up (most tanks these days take “510 style” drip tips, and if not it’ll probably say so in your owner’s manual), take the original cap off, screw the new one on and you’re ready to go.


Unicorn Bottles:

These are more practical than stylish, but they are a great vaping accessory to have! These are plastic bottles with a screw-off protective cap that come in sizes as small as 5ml to as large as 100ml. Have you ever wanted to bring your vape juice with you, but you felt nervous about the fact that it was a glass bottle? Not all E-liquids are sold in glass bottles, but when you’re carrying that around with you, there is a hazard of breakage and spillage. You never know. I have dropped more than one of these glass bottles, much to my dismay, which is a huge waste and a big mess! Unicorn bottles can save you the grief. If you want to have juice to carry around without the worry, these are a no-brainer.

Start Accessorizing Now!

Accessories such as bands, cases and skins, and caps are a few ways to improve your vaping experience by keeping your mod and tank protected as well as adding some personal flair to its appearance. Unicorn bottles are also useful tools in everyday vaping and can save you a lot of frustration.