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An International Affair: UK's Take on Smoking Cessation

An International Affair: UK's Take on Smoking Cessation


Public Health England has made a startling recommendation on the vape front, at least for those of us stateside. The administrator of British healthcare is suggesting regulators take a lighter approach when regulating e-cigarettes as a means to show support for vaping as a way towards smoking cessation. Wait, what? E-cigarettes can help with smoking cessation? Public Health England has made a big step in supporting what many ex-smokers have already found to be true. This may not seem like one small step for England, one giant leap for vapers everywhere, but this development in the UK may have great impacts abroad.


The Tobacco Control Plan


The UK’s Department of Health released their Tobacco Control Plan for England, Towards a Smoke Free Generation. This 32-page control plan, published on the 18th of July, outlines a variety of ways they plan to help people kick their cigarette addiction. One of the goals outlined in the plan is a target to reduce the number of smokers in the UK from 15.5% of adults in England to 12% or less by the year 2022. With a UK study showing that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes, Public Health England recommends that additional barriers not be created to hinder the smoking cessation process.


Vaping Smoking


Part of the Tobacco Control Plan stresses the potential harm of lumping vaping with traditional cigarettes in the workplace. Many employers encourage employees to quit smoking and offer resources to aid current smokers in their cessation journey, however at present many company policies have been updated to include e-cigarettes as equivalent to tobacco products in employee conduct guidelines. While in many places it may make sense to keep both tobacco product and vape free, the control plan encourages employers to rethink their current policies. This means looking to determine if smoke free zones will continue also be vape free zones, or if the nicotine delivery systems will be looked at as two unique circumstances.


E-Cigs: A Prescription for Cessation


In addition to encouraging employer support for vaping as a smoking cessation aid, the Tobacco Control Plan may also open new doors for smokers to gain resources as they start their journey. While certain vape products have been approved for clinical use since January 2016 in England, the new control plan could shake things up. As part of the plan, the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency will also ensure that their review process is “fit for purpose.” This means that more e-cigarettes may become approved and made available through the NHS as smoking cessation aids. When the MHRA first approved some e-cigs for clinical use they released the statement: "We want to ensure licensed nicotine containing products -- including e-cigarettes -- which make medicinal claims are available and meet appropriate standards of safety, quality and efficacy to help reduce the harms from smoking." Focusing on their review process and approving additional e-cigarettes as approved NHS prescriptions for smoking cessation could indeed help them in reaching their goal for reducing the harms of smoking.


While the UK Department of Health notes the best thing a smoker can do is quit smoking, they recognize that e-cigarettes and vaping has become a stepping stone for many, and has results that stick longer than other cessation means. Instead of squashing the vaping industry and trying to lump it in with other nicotine delivery systems - traditional cigarettes - the UK has opted to try a new method, showing support for e-cigs as a means of improving the health of all involved by reducing the harm smokers expose themselves to. The UK is proving to be an example that one hopes other countries will soon follow by embracing innovation, and openly supporting the vape movement as a reduced harm alternative.